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Transfer Major Preparation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the California community college courses I have completed or will complete are equivalent to the appropriate Transfer Major Preparation coursework?

California community college students should utilize ASSIST to identify how their coursework will transfer to UC San Diego. Please note the following: 1) when reviewing ASSIST, make sure to access the agreement for the academic year in which the course(s) were completed, 2) although courses may be UC transferable this does NOT guarantee they are equivalent to the courses required for Transfer Major Preparation and 3) many of the ASSIST agreements are series equivalencies, not course-for-course equivalencies. Completing only part of a series at the community college could yield no course equivalency at UC San Diego.

How do I know if coursework taken at multiple California community colleges, coursework from another 4 year institution, or an out-of-state school will satisfy the Transfer Major Preparation requirements?

At time of application, the UC San Diego Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools will make a preliminary determination whether Transfer Major Preparation courses are complete for the purposes of admission into one of the biology majors offered by the Division of Biological Sciences.

Do required Transfer Major Preparation courses need to be complete by the time I apply to UC San Diego, or will they be considered if they are work in progress?

The UC San Diego Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools will evaluate completed and work in progress coursework through the Spring quarter/semester prior to admission to determine if transfer major preparation requirements can be met. Summer coursework planned just prior to admission will not be considered.

I have Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit for General Chemistry coursework. Will these exam scores satisfy Transfer Major Preparation requirements?

Students who receive a score of 5 on the Advanced Placement Chemistry exam (or a score of 7 on Higher Level International Baccalaureate exam in Chemistry), will receive transfer course credit for CHEM 6A, CHEM 6B, and CHEM 6C.  For purposes of Transfer Major Preparation screening, CHEM 7L will be waived.  The student will still be responsible for completing CHEM 7L upon matriculation to UC San Diego, if the declared major requires the course.

I was denied entrance to a major in the Division of Biological Sciences, but have taken several biology courses. What can I do?

Students who have been denied admission to the major, may consider declaring a Minor in Biology.