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Life Science Career Exploration

Careers in the life sciences are as diverse as biology itself! Many of our majors are interested in pursuing health professions and these students are supported by information sessions and advising provided by the Career Center’s Health Beat.

The School of Biological Sciences hosts events to help our students explore other career directions, such as careers in life science industries (biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies), and science communications (teaching, writing, marketing). Check out the links below for resources and information on these and other life science careers and ways to prepare for them.

Explore biology student organizations, research, and student resources and opportunities for more ways to develop skills and prepare for your future!

Signature Career Events

Exploring Careers in Life Science Industries

It can be difficult to explore careers in biology if you are not exposed to different fields. The Divisions hosts an annual career exploration event. This one-day conference brings local professionals to help introduce students to life science careers. This event is typcially hosted during the winter or spring quarter.

Triton Tables

Networking with biology alumni is a great way to learn about biology careers and get advice from professionals out in the field. In a non-stress environment, students and alumni share casual conversations over a light dinner or a simple coffee break. Triton Tables are offered throughout the year, and advertised through the do/bio e-newsletter.

  • Past Featured Alumni
    • John Gutheil - President and CEO at SciQuus Oncology
    • Larry Goldstein - Scientific Director, Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine
    • Andrew Raiden - Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of twoXAR

Prepare for a Job Search

UC San Diego's Career Center has a great deal of career preparation tools. Utilize the links below to navigate to helpful resources.

What do our students do after graduation?

Biological Sciences graduates are prepared for a variety of professional opportunities including, but not limited to, health care, prehealth professional programs, research, and industry positions. A summary of sample career titles, major professional preparation, and past employers are outlined by Career Services.

External Resources