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Students Admitted Fall 2019

The School of Biological Sciences offers seven different majors, each leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with a distinct focus. All of these majors share a common core of requirements reflecting our philosophy that a foundation of knowledge in certain areas is essential for more specialized knowledge in any area of biology. Beyond the shared requirements, each major has a different set of requirements tailored to the theme of the major, providing students the opportunity to choose the courses of greatest interest to them.

Find information below about each major, including requirements, sample plans and major checks.

The major requirements below ONLY apply to students who were admitted to UC San Diego in Fall 2019.

Ecology, Behavior and Evolution (BI30)

Human Biology (BI35)

General Biology (BI31)

Molecular and Cell Biology (BI37)

Microbiology (BI32)

Neurobiology (BI38)

Bioinformatics (BI34)