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Change of Major

Biology majors may switch among the biology majors that are available based on a student's term of admission to UC San Diego.

Non-biology majors who entered UC San Diego as freshmen may be eligible to apply for admission into a biology major.

Transfer Student Notice

Transfer students must be admitted to a biology major at time of admission to UC San Diego in order to pursue a major within the Division of Biological Sciences. Transfer students admitted to UC San Diego in a non-Biology major are not eligible to declare a biology major as a primary or secondary (double) major after matriculation to UC San Diego.

Major Change Request

Current biology majors may request a change of major within our Division through the Major/Minor tool in Tritonlink, and must choose an available major based on term of admission to UC San Diego.

Students are responsible for ensuring that a change of major will not negatively impact time to degree.

Change of major requests are reviewed weekly and an outcome may take up to five business days.

150+ Units Completed

Students who have completed 150 or more units must submit a quarter-by-quarter plan within the major change tool, and obtain both department and college permission to change their major.

The comprehensive plan must start with the current quarter and go until the student's final quarter at UCSD, and must include all courses required for graduation (e.g. major, minor, GE, university – DEI, AHI, etc.).

Students are responsible for planning their biology major coursework around enforced prerequisites and timing of course offerings.

Students who need assistance with drafting a quarter by quarter plan for a prospective biology major should meet with a Biology advisor via appointment, prior to making the Change of Major request.