Research Scholarships

Undergraduates in the lab

The primary place to find research scholarships is through the main campus Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP). They have the most up-to-date information about various scholarship programs relating to research opportunities.

Summer Research Scholarships

Another great option is doing a project under the umbrella of the  Undergraduate Research Scholarships - Summer (URS). Check their site for the list of available scholarships and application instructions.

Divisional Scholarships


Eureka! Scholars is a highly competitive summer research training program for a small group of outstanding, upper-level students. It is a one-year award up to $5,000. Learn more about becoming a Eureka! scholar.

University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

UCEAP Scholarships - A UC level scholarship program for students conducting research while abroad.  Each award consists of a $1,000 stipend.

Help with Applications

For assistance in preparing a scholarship application, personal statement, or research proposals, contact the Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP) office or the UCSD Writing Center.