Lecturer Directory

This list includes contact information for current lecturers in the Division. To find Biology faculty members, visit the Faculty Directory.

# Name Title Contact
Bozinovic Goran Bozinovic Lecturer H&SS 1145G gbozinovic@ucsd.edu 858-534-1935
Gustafson-Brown Cindy Gustafson-Brown Lecturer H&SS 1145E cgustafs@ucsd.edu 858-534-4242
Reuther Keefe Reuther Lecturer H&SS 1145D kdreuther@ucsd.edu 858-246-0753
Sheredos Benjamin Sheredos Lecturer bsheredo@ucsd.edu
Soowal Lara Soowal Lecturer H&SS 1145E lsoowal@ucsd.edu 858-534-8644
Strause Linda Strause Lecturer H&SS 1145I lstrause@ucsd.edu 858-246-3050