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Multichannel in site hybridization of Drosophila embryo

Cell and Developmental Biology

CDBYelon Lab

Laboratories in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology (CDB) are studying the mechanisms by which cells assemble and function, and how these cells are sculpted into multicellular organisms. CDB research in cell biology addresses fundamental questions common to all eukaryotic cells, including mechanisms of protein degradation, nucleocytoplasmic transport, and cell migration.

In developmental biology we focus on understanding the formation of pattern in development, how differential gene expression affects cell fate, and mechanisms that guide the morphogenesis of tissues, organs and organisms. Several laboratories investigate the basic biology of stem cells in development and regeneration, and the ability of cells and tissues to repair themselves.

CDB labs have begun to address questions of cell and developmental biology at a systems level. Laboratories in the department use a vast range of eukaryotic model organisms to study these questions, ranging from yeast to mammals. Notably, CDB includes numerous laboratories studying plant development and physiology.