David Kleinfeld


Our laboratory is focused on two problems in neurobiology: (1) Active sensing, where we are delineating the brainstem circuitry that coordinates orofacial motor actions, e.g., sniffing, licking, head bobbing, and whisking, into behaviors. This work involves anatomy, behavior, and electro- and opto-physiology with rodents ad strives to make connections with control theory. (2) Blood flow in the brain, for which we connect measurements of the topology of the vasculature with neuronal control of flow dynamics from the level of large-scale vascular networks down to single microvessels. This work involves anatomy, physiology, and deep-brain optical imaging with rodents and strives to make connections with graph theory and fluid dynamics. Our efforts in both areas involve a broad range of approaches together with the opportunity to develop new tools. Please see our web site for further information concerning our work and recent publications.