Jeff Hasty


Dr. Hasty's research focuses onthe construction and utilization of synthetic gene circuits for dissecting, analyzing, and controlling the dynamical interactions involved in gene regulation.

Select Publications

  • Tal Danino, Octavio Mondragón-Palomino, Lev Tsimring, Jeff Hasty (2010). A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks. Nature 426:326-330.
  • Natalie Cookson, Scott Cookson, Lev Tsimring, Jeff Hasty (2009). Cell cycle-dependent variations in protein concentration. Nucleic Acids Research 1-6.
  • Natalie Cookson, Lev Tsimring, Jeff Hasty (2009). The pedestrian watchmaker: Genetic clocks from engineered oscillators. FEBS Letters 583:3931–3937.
  • Matthew Bennett, Jeff Hasty (2009). Microfluidic devices for measuring gene network dynamics in single cells. Nature Reviews Genetics, 10:628-638.
  • Jesse Stricker, Scott Cookson, Matthew Bennett, William Mather, Lev Tsimring, Jeff Hasty (2008). A fast, robust and tunable synthetic gene oscillator. Nature 456:516-519.
  • Matthew Bennett, Wyming Lee Pang, Natalie Ostroff, Bridget Baumgartner, Sujata Nayak, Lev Tsimring, Jeff Hasty (2008). Metabolic gene regulation in a dynamically changing environment. Nature 454:1119-1122.