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Russell Lande


Russell Lande pioneered the field of quantitative genetics and phenotypic evolution in natural populations with a series of theoretical papers on mutation and maintenance of heritable variation, sexual dimorphism and sexual selection, life history evolution, phenotypic plasticity, plant mating systems, and the measurement of natural selection on correlated characters. His concepts of the G matrix and the selection gradient are now standard tools in evolutionary biology. He is an expert in stochastic demography, population viability, and extinction risk assessment, with notable contributions to conceptual and applied conservation biology.

Select Publications

  • Chevin, L.-M. and R. Lande. 2015. Evolution of environmental cues for phenotypic plasticity. Evolution 69: 2767-2775.
  • Lande, R. and E. Porcher. 2015. Maintenance of quantitative genetic variance under partial self-fertilization, with implications for evolution of selfing. Genetics 200: 891–906.
  • Lande, R. 2015. Evolution of phenotypic plasticity in colonizing species. Molecular Ecology 24: 2038-2045.
  • Penz, C., P. DeVries, J. Tufto and R. Lande. 2015. Butterfly dispersal across Amazonia and its implications for biogeography. Ecography 38: 410-418.
  • Devaux, C., R. Lande and E. Porcher. 2014. Pollination ecology and inbreeding depression control individual flowering phenologies and mixed mating. Evolution 68: 3051-3065.
  • S. Engen, R. Lande, and B.-E. Saether. 2014. Evolutionary consequences of non-selective harvesting in density-dependent populations. American Naturalist 184: 714-726.
  • Grotan, V., R. Lande, I.A. Chacon and P.J. DeVries. 2014. Seasonal cycles of diversity and similarity in a Central American rainforest butterfly community. Ecography 37: 509-516.
  • Lande, R. 2014. Evolution of phenotypic plasticity and environmental tolerance of a labile quantitative character in a fluctuating environment. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27: 866-875.
  • Engen, S., R. Lande, and B.-E. Saether. 2013. A quantitative genetic model of r- and K-selection in a fluctuating population. American Naturalist 181: 725-736.
  • Chevin, L.-M. and R. Lande. 2013. Evolution of discrete phenotypes from continuous norms of reaction. American Naturalist 182: 13-27.
  • Tufto, J., R. Lande, T.-H. Ringsby, S. Engen, B.-E. Saether, T.R. Walla and P.J. DeVries. 2012. Estimating Brownian motion dispersal rate, longevity and population density from spatially explicit mark-recapture data on tropical butterflies. Journal of Animal Ecology 81: 756-769
  • Lande, R. 2009. Adaptation to an extraordinary environment by evolution of phenotypic plasticity and gen eticassimilation. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22: 1435-1446.
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