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Graduate Fellowship Awards 2020

October 1, 2020

By Andrew Chisholm

The graduate program is excited to announce the following Divisional fellowship awards to our PhD students. These awards are given annually for outstanding performance and contributions to the graduate program, and are made possible by endowment gifts from generous donors, including:

·      David Goeddel, a biotechnology pioneer and UC San Diego alumnus

·      Ray Thomas Edwards, a prominent San Diego business leader and supporter of UC San Diego

·      Marguerite Vogt, a distinguished cancer researcher

·      Ruth Stern, a pediatrician and widow of former Chair of Biology Herbert Stern

New this year are the Kavli-Helinski Endowed Graduate Fellowships, for outstanding senior PhD students in research labs affiliated with the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind. The award also honors Don Helinski, a pioneer in molecular biology and emeritus professor in the Division of Biological Sciences.

Congratulations to all our award winners! More awards will be announced later in the academic year.

Goeddel Chancellor’s Fellowship

Erica Birkholz

Erica Birkholz (Joe Pogliano lab)

Danielle Garshott

Danielle Garshott (Bennett lab)

Youtong Huang

Youtong Huang (Lemke lab)

Brian Tsu

Brian Tsu (Daugherty lab)

Goeddel Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Chris Beierschmitt

Chris Beierschmitt (Daugherty lab)

Hanquing Liu

Hanquing Liu (Ecker lab)

Beverly Naigles

Beverly Naigles (Hao lab)

Cody Ocheltree

Cody Ocheltree (Lykke-Andersen lab)

Zachary Warburg

Zachary Warburg (Murre lab)

Jinhao (Albert) Xu

Jinhao (Albert) Xu (Sun lab)

Ray Thomas Edwards Award

Deepam Gupta

Deepam Gupta (Yelon lab)

Rachel Kandel

Rachel Kandel (Neal lab)

Gidsela Luna

Gidsela Luna (Sun lab)

Andres Nevarez

Andres Nevarez (Hao lab)

Saransh Umale

Saransh Umale (Jun lab)

Marguerite Vogt Award

Analine Aguayo

Analine Aguayo (Neal lab)

Sunyoung Lee

Sunyoung Lee (Sun lab)

Ruth Stern Fellowship

Livia Songster

Livia Songster (Reck-Peterson lab)

Kavli-Helinski Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Alana Gibson

Alana Gibson (Ackerman lab)

Shijia Liu

Shijia Liu (Han lab)

Nicholas Nelson

Nicholas Nelson (Nimmerjahn lab)

Natasha Slepak

Natasha Slepak (Patrick lab)

Yue Sun

Yue Sun (Jin lab)

Shiuan-Tze Wu

Shiuan-Tze Wu (Su lab)