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05/29/24 Amy Pasquinelli Selected for Grant to Study the Role of Toxic RNA in Aging
05/29/24 Making Connections: Introducing Biological Sciences’ New Diversity Initiatives Director
05/23/24 New ‘Atlas’ Provides Unprecedented Insights on How Genes Function in Early Embryo Development
05/20/24 Detecting Odors on the Edge: Researchers Decipher How Insects Smell More with Less
05/20/24 Ryan Hibbs Wins Ochsner Award for Research on Smoking and Disease
05/16/24 Bee-lieve It or Not: 8 Fascinating Bee Facts for World Bee Day
05/14/24 Five from UC San Diego Elected to National Academy of Sciences
05/01/24 There is an Art to Communicating Scientific Research
05/01/24 Researchers Discover Key Functions of Therapeutically Promising Jumbo Viruses
04/30/24 Leaders in Their Fields
04/30/24 Five UC San Diego Scientists Elected AAAS Fellows
04/18/24 HHMI Gilliam Fellowship to Andrea Sama and Jazz Dickinson Supports New EDI Initiative
04/16/24 UC San Diego Receives $7.35 Million for Scripps Center for Oceans and Human Health
03/28/24 Cell Division Quality Control ‘Stopwatch’ Uncovered
03/26/24 New Genetic Analysis Tool Tracks Risks Tied to CRISPR Edits
03/21/24 Say Hello to Biodegradable Microplastics
03/14/24 How Fear Unfolds inside Our Brains
03/12/24 Study Illuminates the Protective Role of Fluorescence in Neon-Colored Sea Anemones
03/05/24 Biological Sciences Professor Terrence Sejnowski Wins Brain Prize
02/22/24 Early Career BioSci Faculty Members Selected to Receive Sloan Research Fellowships
02/14/24 Researchers Uncover Mechanisms behind Enigmatic Shapes of Nuclei
02/12/24 Andrew Muroyama and Fabian Rivera-Chávez Selected to Receive Hellman Fellowships
02/08/24 Faulty DNA Disposal System Causes Inflammation
02/06/24 Extra Fingers and Hearts: Pinpointing Changes to Our Genetic Instructions That Disrupt Development
01/29/24 Sanford Institute Awards Endowed Professorships in Empathy and Compassion Research
01/11/24 UC San Diego Is Now a Bee Campus. Here’s What that Means…
01/11/24 Transparent Brain Implant Can Read Deep Neural Activity From the Surface
01/09/24 Terrence Sejnowski Named Scientist of the Year by ARCS San Diego
12/21/23 Inside the Matrix: Nanoscale Patterns Revealed Within Model Research Organism
12/12/23 Wildfires Also Impact Aquatic Ecosystems
12/05/23 A Deep Look into the AI Revolution
12/04/23 Biological Sciences Professors Among Most Highly Cited Researchers in the World
12/04/23 Graduate Student Livia Songster Receives Founding Faculty Award
12/04/23 In Memoriam: Distinguished Professor and Founding Dean of Biological Sciences Eduardo Macagno
11/21/23 Andrew Chisholm Selected as New Allen Distinguished Investigator
11/14/23 The Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Problem Is Getting Worse. Phage Could Be a Solution.
11/09/23 Bacteria-Virus Arms Race Provides Rare Window into Rapid and Complex Evolution
11/08/23 Vineet Augustine Awarded Young Investigator Grant
11/02/23 Going Viral
11/01/23 What Happens When We Pass Out? Researchers ID New Brain and Heart Connections
10/17/23 New Cancer Therapy Target Stops Tumor Cells From Sharing Resources
10/12/23 How Do We Teach Science? UC San Diego Launches STEM Education Research Program
10/04/23 Jazz Dickinson Named 2023 Moore Inventor Fellow
10/03/23 Innovative Researchers earn NIH New Innovator Awards
10/03/23 Jose Pruneda-Paz Honored with 2023 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
09/01/23 Biology Professor Authors Book about “The Guidance Groove”
09/01/23 Neurobiology Student Matthew Uzelac Awarded Goldwater Scholarship
08/30/23 Enhancing Immune Defenses: Researchers Unveil the Secrets of Specialized T Cells to Conquer Tumors
08/10/23 Researchers Engineer Bacteria That Can Detect Tumor DNA
08/08/23 Neurobiology Professor Gentry Patrick Named to Endowed Chair
07/21/23 Fly Toolkit Created for Investigating COVID-19 Infection Mechanisms
07/11/23 My Story: Justin Meyer on Making Room for Queer Scientists in STEM
07/06/23 Queer Identity Empowers UC San Diego Scientists to Challenge Norms, Chart New Discoveries
07/06/23 New Insight into How Plant Cells Divide
07/06/23 Six Biological Sciences Graduate Students Selected for 2023 NSF Research Fellowships
07/06/23 Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind Selects 2023-2024 Postdoctoral Scholars
07/05/23 New Genetic Technology Developed to Halt Malaria-Spreading Mosquitoes
06/28/23 Plants Pollinated by Honey Bees Produce Lower-quality Offspring
06/08/23 Researchers Find an Immune System ‘Trip Wire’ That Detects COVID-19
05/24/23 Groundbreaking Images of Root Chemicals Offer New Insights on Plant Growth
05/23/23 $2.5M Gift Targets Gaps in Circadian Biology and Medicine
05/18/23 Artificial Intelligence Catalyzes Gene Activation Research and Uncovers Rare DNA Sequences
05/09/23 Sonya Neal Named Inaugural HHMI Freeman Hrabowski Scholar
05/08/23 T Cells Can Activate Themselves to Fight Tumors
04/27/23 Elephant Ecosystems in Decline
04/27/23 Scientists Slow Aging by Engineering Longevity in Cells
04/27/23 Sarah Ardell Honored with Founding Faculty Award
04/26/23 Graduate Student Onyeka Chukwudozie Wins Merkin Fellowship to Pursue Lifelong Dream in Virology
04/14/23 Tracking a New Path to Octopus and Squid Sensing Capabilities
04/12/23 Eye-opening Origin Story: Scientists Trace Key Innovation in Our Camera-like Vision to Bacteria
03/29/23 Dissecting the Circadian Clock in Real Time
03/20/23 In Memoriam: Immo Scheffler 1940-2023
03/17/23 AI Chatbot ChatGPT Mirrors Its Users to Appear Intelligent
03/10/23 Like Language, Genomes Are Encoded by Grammar Rules
03/09/23 Complex Learned Social Behavior Discovered in Bee’s ‘Waggle Dance’
03/07/23 UC San Diego Receives $15M Cryptocurrency Donation, Largest for Research on Airborne Pathogens
03/03/23 Artificial Intelligence Drives New Frontiers in Biology
03/03/23 Emma Farley Selected for NSF CAREER Award
01/31/23 Stuart Brody and Yunde Zhao elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
01/26/23 Therapeutic Potential of Bizarre ‘Jumbo’ Viruses Tapped for $10M HHMI Emerging Pathogens Project
01/17/23 Stephanie Nehasil Selected for Fox Endowed Fellowship
01/12/23 Researchers Create New System for Safer Gene-Drive Testing and Development
12/13/22 Brain Cells Under Attack Don ‘Body Armor’ Response, Offering New Views of Stroke Damage
12/08/22 Lisa McDonnell Honored as Revelle College Faculty Fellow
12/07/22 Researchers Identify Elusive Carbon Dioxide Sensor in Plants that Controls Water Loss
11/21/22 UC San Diego Biology Areas Ranked in U.S. News and World Report's Top 10 List
11/03/22 Biological Sciences’ Deep Look Program Honored with Telly Award
11/03/22 Sonya Neal Receives New EDI Award from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
11/01/22 A Chain of Inspiration: Nick Spitzer’s Golden Anniversary at UC San Diego
10/24/22 The Thinking Undead: How Dormant Bacteria Calculate Their Return to Life
10/20/22 Winners of the School of Biological Sciences 2022 Mentorship and Fellowship Awards
10/06/22 Making the Leap to Target Cancer Through Partnership
09/22/22 A Sea Change for Plastic Pollution: New Material Biodegrades in Ocean Water
09/01/22 BioSci Students Take First Place in Undergraduate Library Research Prize
08/18/22 CRISPR-based Technology Targets Global Crop Pest
08/10/22 Lennice Castro and Matt Daugherty Awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowship for EDI Initiatives
08/09/22 Cindy Tran Honored with Silagi Award
08/05/22 New Insights into Brain Flexibility and Stability
08/03/22 Giant Viruses Build a Cell Nucleus Surprisingly Like Our Own
07/15/22 Susan Golden Honored with Pioneer Award
07/12/22 Evolve… Innovate… Repeat: Scientists Peel Back the Layers of Virus-Host Evolution and Innovation
07/05/22 Immune Cells Anchored in Tissues Offer Unique Defenses Against Pathogens and Cancers
07/01/22 "Soft" CRISPR May Offer a New Fix for Genetic Defects
06/17/22 UC San Diego School of Biological Sciences Class of 2022: Two Outstanding Graduates
06/10/22 Neurobiologist Matthew Lovett-Barron Selected as 2022 Pew Scholar
06/09/22 Assistant Professors Alexandra Dickinson and Diana Rennison Awarded Hellman Fellowships
06/06/22 Terrence Sejnowski Awarded Gruber Prize
06/02/22 Inaugural Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind Postdoctoral Scholars Selected
05/12/22 Goeddel Family Technology Sandbox Named in Honor of $7.5M Gift from UC San Diego Alumnus
05/05/22 Two BioSci Faculty Members Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
05/04/22 UC San Diego Biological Sciences Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences
05/04/22 In Memoriam: E. Peter Geiduschek, 1928-2022
05/04/22 Researchers Manipulate Demographic of Bacterial Community with Novel Electronic Technology
04/27/22 Kavli Foundation Donates $5M to UC San Diego Brain and Cognition Research
04/27/22 UC San Diego Biological Sciences Students Receive NSF Research Fellowships
04/21/22 Sustainable Sneakers: UC San Diego Scientists Create the World's First Biodegradable Shoe
04/13/22 Nick Spitzer Honored with American Philosophical Society's Lashley Award
04/07/22 UC San Diego and Thermo Fisher Scientific Enter Innovative Strategic Partnership
03/31/22 New UC Alliance Aims to Boost Latinx STEM Teaching Professors
03/30/22 UC San Diego Biology Lab Receives $1.4M Grant to Fight Malaria Spread
03/17/22 Excess Neuropeptides Disrupt Lung Function in Infant Disease and COVID-19
03/17/22 UC San Diego Women Scientists Featured in Statue Exhibit at the Smithsonian
03/16/22 Recently Discovered Protein Turbocharges Gene Expression
03/14/22 Researchers ID Sex Pheromone of Invasive Giant Hornet
03/04/22 UC San Diego Plant Biologist Honored by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
02/28/22 New Faculty Bridge Black Studies and STEM
02/23/22 Flies Possess More Sophisticated Cognitive Abilities than Previously Known
02/21/22 Government Guidelines Across North America, Europe Fail to Protect Lakes from Salt Pollution
02/17/22 Andres Nevarez and Tara Spencer Named Bouchet Scholars
02/15/22 Matthew Lovett-Barron Named 2022 Sloan Research Fellow
02/14/22 Hungry for Love: Gut Molecule Discovered that Flips the Feeding-to-Mating Switch
02/02/22 A Map for the Sense of Smell
01/31/22 New Technologies Depict Transport Machine inside Cells as Having 'Lego-like' Ability
01/28/22 New Tool Assesses Evolutionary Risks of Antibiotics
01/27/22 Genetic Strategy Reverses Insecticide Resistance
01/26/22 Biologists Pinpoint Key Factor in Immune System Response to Viral Infection
01/19/22 Scientists Expand CRISPR-Cas9 Genetic Inheritance Control in Mammals
01/18/22 'Simple' Bacteria Found to Organize in Elaborate Patterns
01/12/22 Josh Borin and Hanqing Liu Selected for Founding Faculty Awards
12/15/21 Fabian Rivera-Chávez Awarded Mallinckrodt Foundation Grant
12/10/21 Inaugural Cohort of Curci Scholars Selected
12/07/21 Jen Jin Receives A.P. Giannini Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
11/30/21 Matt Daugherty Named 2021 Infectious Disease Investigator by Burroughs Wellcome Fund
11/23/21 Neurobiologists Reveal How Value Decisions are Coded into Our Brains
11/17/21 Top 10 Biological Sciences Disciplines Move Up in Latest U.S. News and World Report Global Rankings
11/10/21 New Research Helps Explain the Genetic Basis for Why We Look the Way We Do
11/09/21 Size Matters for Bee 'Superorganism' Colonies
11/09/21 A Target for Potential Cancer Drugs May, In Fact, Worsen Disease
11/05/21 Researchers Develop CRISPR-based Rapid Diagnostic Tool for SARS-CoV-2
11/01/21 UC San Diego Faculty Receive Trifecta of National Awards
10/14/21 Biological Sciences Launches Immersive Work Experience and Corporate Affiliates Programs
10/14/21 Matthew Lovett-Barron Named 2021 Packard Fellow
10/08/21 Scientists Assemble a Biological Clock in a Test Tube to Study How it Works
10/07/21 UC San Diego Staff Member Mario Aguilera Earns Prestigious Science Writing Award
10/06/21 Neurobiologists Identify Widely Used Assembling and Stabilizing Forces behind Brain Synapses
10/05/21 NIH Names Cressida Madigan for 2021 New Innovator Award
09/27/21 Students, Faculty and Staff Assemble Do-It-Yourself Air Filtration Boxes that Fight COVID-19 Spread
09/24/21 Ashley Juavinett Shares Her Story as a Queer Person in Academia
09/23/21 Elizabeth Villa Selected as 2021 HHMI Investigator
09/10/21 New Technology Designed to Genetically Control Disease-spreading Mosquitoes
08/26/21 Growth-promoting, Anti-aging Retinal at the Root of Plant Growth Too
08/26/21 Two BioSci Student-Advisor Pairs Selected for 2021 HHMI Gilliam Fellowships
08/18/21 UC San Diego Researchers Discover Key Mechanisms behind Synapse Degeneration in Alzheimer's Brain
07/23/21 'Feel Good' Brain Messenger Can Be Willfully Controlled, New Study Reveals
07/19/21 Fundraising Campaign Gives Kendall-Frost Marsh a Fresh Start
07/14/21 Ryoma Hattori Receives Alpert Distinguished Scholar Award
07/02/21 Biologist Sonya Neal Advances Social Issues Education and STEM Inclusivity
06/15/21 Trained Viruses Prove More Effective at Fighting Antibiotic Resistance
06/15/21 Cressida Madigan Named 2021 Pew Biomedical Scholar
06/08/21 Brainiacs: New Summer Research Program Supports Underrepresented Neurosciences Undergrads
06/08/21 Researchers Create New CRISPR Tools to Help Contain Mosquito Disease Transmission
06/08/21 Research Uncovers How "Non-professional" Cells Can Trigger Immune Response
06/07/21 Graduate Students Awarded Prestigious NSF Research Fellowships
06/07/21 Synthetic SPECIES Developed for Use as a Confinable Gene Drive
06/03/21 Social Justice as Part of the Remedy for What Ails Us
06/02/21 Yunde Zhao Named Editor-in-Chief of Plant Physiology
05/26/21 Plant Consumers Play Unexpectedly Large Role in the Evolution of Seedling Success
05/24/21 New Genetic 'CopyCatchers' Detect Efficient and Precise CRISPR Editing in a Living Organism
05/13/21 A Push to Inoculate Vaccination Disparity
05/12/21 New View of Species Interactions Offers Clues to Preserve Threatened Ecosystems
05/10/21 Time to Rock and Roach: Bringing Experiments from the Lab to the Home
04/27/21 Neural Implant Monitors Multiple Brain Areas at Once, Provides New Neuroscience Insights
04/23/21 Danielle Garshott and Sachin Sethi Honored with Founding Faculty Awards
04/22/21 Ananda Goldrath elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/21/21 A Door-Opening Gift for Eureka! Scholars
03/25/21 Donté Alexander Stevens Inducted into Bouchet Honors Society
04/09/21 Distinct Parkinson's Disease Symptoms Tied to Different Brain Pathways
04/08/21 NIH Funds New Program to Broaden Diversity in Neurobiology
04/07/21 New Blueprint of Brain Connections Reveals Extensive Reach of Central Regulator
03/22/21 Elina Zúñiga Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology
03/19/21 UC San Diego Biological Sciences Moves into Top 10 in Global Rankings
03/17/21 'Island of Rats' Recovers
03/16/21 New 'Split-drive' System Puts Scientists in the (Gene) Driver Seat
03/09/21 Food for Thought: New Maps Reveal How Brains are Kept Nourished
02/19/21 Researchers Unveil Detailed Genome of Invasive Malaria Mosquito
02/05/21 BioSci at 60: Mentorship, Then & Now
02/05/21 [BIO]rigins
02/04/21 Shooting for the Moon
02/03/21 Immune System Sets 'Tripwire' to Protect against Viruses
02/02/21 Shelley Halpain and Sonya Neal Honored with Inclusive Excellence Awards
02/01/21 UC San Diego Biosci Alumnus at Helm of Company Behind First At-Home COVID Test
01/22/21 Stacey Glasgow Awarded Hellman Fellowship
01/20/21 NIH Awards UC San Diego $8.7M to Train a New Generation of Biological Sciences Graduate Students
01/12/21 Ocean Acidification is Transforming California Mussel Shells
01/11/21 Wait for Me: Cell Biologists Decipher Signal that Ensures No Chromosome is Left Behind
12/22/20 When Strains of E.coli Play Rock-Paper-Scissors, It's Not the Strongest That Survives
12/21/20 Diana Rennison Honored with Two Early Career Awards
12/21/20 Scientists Set a Path for Field Trials of Gene Drive Organisms
12/15/20 Biologists Create a New Tool for Monitoring Plant Health
12/09/20 So You Want to Be a Neuroscientist?
12/09/20 I See You: Honey Bees Use Contagious and Honest Visual Signal to Deter Attacking Hornets
11/30/20 Researchers Reveal Switch Used in Plant Defense Against Animal Attack
11/20/20 Alisa Huffaker Receives 2020 CAREER Award from National Science Foundation
11/18/20 Alumni-led Lucira Health earns 1st FDA authorization for at-home COVID test
11/16/20 Grad Students Build Science Bridge to the Incarcerated
11/05/20 UC Researchers Pioneer More Effective Method of Blocking Malaria Transmission in Mosquitoes
11/04/20 New Scholarship Award for Master's Students Honors a Mother's Legacy
10/22/20 UC San Diego Biology Rankings Rise in New U.S. News and World Report Publication
10/22/20 UC San Diego's Susan Ackerman Elected to National Academy of Medicine
10/02/20 Mario Aguilera receives Honorable Mention in the 2020 NASW Excellence in Institutional Writing Award
10/01/20 Graduate Fellowship Awards 2020
09/29/20 New Research Provides Clues on Optimizing Cell Defenses When Viruses Attack
09/21/20 Biologists Create New Genetic Systems to Neutralize Gene Drives
09/21/20 Yishi Jin Named ASCB Fellow, KIBM Co-Director
09/21/20 UC San Diego Scientists to Explore New Frontiers in Parkinson's Disease Research with $7.2M Grant
09/21/20 Cancers with High TRIM37 Enzyme Levels More Susceptible to Centrosome Blocker
09/21/20 Curci Foundation Makes $1.78M Gift to Support PhD Life Science Students
09/09/20 Artificial Intelligence Aids Gene Activation Discovery
09/04/20 Daniela Zárate Named 2020 Bouchet Scholar
09/01/20 Overlooked 'Housekeeping' Gene Plays Unexpected Role in Seizures
08/24/20 Leading-edge Technology Unmasks Protein Linked to Parkinson's Disease
08/24/20 Dean's Leadership Council Welcomes Kenneth Jenkins
08/17/20 Evolutionary Stalling: Researchers Explore the Boundaries of Natural Selection
08/13/20 Biologists Create Live System Mimicking Stress Response in Cells
08/10/20 Julian Schroeder Honored with Hales Prize from the American Society of Plant Biologists
08/06/20 UC San Diego Forging a Sustainable Future with Renewable Products
08/06/20 New Science Behind Algae-based Flip-flops
08/06/20 Ready for Prime Time: New Public Course Explores the Future of Algae Biotechnology
08/03/20 From the Field: Innovative Animal-borne Video and Sampling Show Antarctic Leopard Seals as Adaptable Apex Predators
07/30/20 Randy Hampton Receives Sixth College Outstanding Faculty Award
07/28/20 Novel 'On-off' Switch Discovered in Plant Defenses
07/16/20 Researchers Discover Two Paths of Aging and New Insights on Promoting Healthspan
07/13/20 Graduate Student Lara Labarta-Bajo Awarded Prestigious Melvin Cohn Award
07/06/20 Nerve Endings in Brain Wiring Found to 'Talk' to Each Other
07/02/20 Historical Disease Meets Modern Biology in New Faculty Member Cressida Madigan's Lab
06/25/20 Byungkook Lim Awarded Grant for 'High Risk-High Payoff' Research
06/15/20 Biologist Sonya Neal Named 2020 Pew Scholar
06/11/20 Recovery of Sea Otter Populations Yields More Benefits than Costs
06/01/20 New Biosensor Visualizes Stress in Living Plant Cells in Real Time
05/29/20 Biological Sciences and the COVID-19 Pandemic
05/29/20 BioSci Alumna Tracy Johnson Named Dean of UCLA's Division of Life Sciences
05/22/20 Lorraine Pillus Named Revelle College Faculty Fellow
05/20/20 BioSci Graduate Students Honored with Prominent Research Fellowships
05/18/20 Nick Spitzer Receives Eight-Year NIH-NINDS Research Program Award
05/13/20 Researchers Turn Algae Leftovers into Renewable Products with Flare
05/04/20 Exercise Boosts Motor Skill Learning Via Changes in Brain's Transmitters
05/01/20 Biological Sciences Professor Terence Hwa, Alumnus Lawrence Goldstein Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/29/20 They Remember: Communities of Microbes Found to Have Working Memory
04/22/20 Earth Connection Inspires Environmental Stewardship
04/20/20 Daugherty and Root Awarded Hellman Fellowships
04/15/20 Researchers Uncover Importance of Aligning Biological Clock with Day-Night Cycles
04/15/20 A Deep Look into the Biology and Evolution of COVID-19
04/10/20 Reck-Peterson and Stevens Awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowship
04/06/20 Dissecting COVID-19: Biology Professor Opens Infectious Disease Course to Public Audiences
03/10/20 UC San Diego synthetic biologists redesign the way bacteria 'talk' to each other
03/04/20 Quality Control Mechanisms inside Cells Help Clear Collisions
02/27/20 Parkinson's Disease Protein Structure Solved inside Cells Using Novel Technique
02/26/20 Researchers Identify Mechanism for Neurotransmitter‐Receptor Matchmaking
02/12/20 Cressida Madigan Named 2020 Sloan Research Fellow
02/11/20 Cell's Design Helps Launch Quick Defenses When under Attack
02/05/20 Fly Model Offers New Approach to Unraveling 'Difficult' Pathogen
02/04/20 Flyception 2.0: New Imaging Technology Tracks Complex Social Behavior
01/29/20 Drug Lord's Hippos Make Their Mark on Foreign Ecosystem
01/27/20 Algae Shown to Improve Gastrointestinal Health
01/24/20 New Technology Boosts Gene-Drive Safety, Flexibility
01/16/20 Mosquitoes Engineered to Repel Dengue Virus
12/19/19 Hannah Grunwald and Stuart Brody Honored at 2019 Founding Faculty Awards
12/17/19 UC San Diego neurobiologist part of $2 million project to study brain, motor-skill learning
12/16/19 New CRISPR-based Gene-Drive System in Bacteria Defeats Antibiotic Resistance
12/12/19 Cressida Madigan Selected as Searle Scholar
12/09/19 CRISPR-Resistant Viruses Build 'Safe Rooms' to Shield Genomes from DNA-Dicing Enzymes
11/26/19 Immunology Association Names Stephen Hedrick to its Inaugural Class of Distinguished Fellows
11/21/19 Former Navy Jet Tech Takes Student Veterans Under Her Wing
11/20/19 Researchers Identify Key Players in Cell Division
11/12/19 Quantitative Biology Opens Trail to Ecological Exploration, Evolutionary Prediction
11/06/19 In Memoriam: Russell Doolittle, 1931-2019
11/04/19 Carolyn Kurle Named Changemaker Faculty Fellow
11/01/19 Waking Up to Why Sleep Health Matters
11/01/19 Chrispeels Receives Gude Award from Plant Biology Society
10/24/19 Alumna Profile: Doing the Impossible with Alternative Meats
10/24/19 UC San Diego Biology Ranked Highly by U.S. News and World Report
10/17/19 Findings Bridge Knowledge Gap between Pheromone Sensitivity and Courtship
10/15/19 Natural loss of foot muscle in rodents shares mechanisms typically associated with disease and injury
10/01/19 Omar Akbari Honored with NIH New Innovator Award
10/01/19 Cracking How 'Water Bears' Survive the Extremes
09/19/19 Wired to Think
09/19/19 Biologists Untangle Growth and Defense in Maize, Define Key Antibiotic Pathways
09/12/19 Susan Golden Elected to American Academy of Microbiology Board of Governors
09/05/19 Synthetic Biologists Extend Functional Life of Cancer-Fighting Circuitry in Microbes
08/29/19 Biological Sciences' Kimberly Cooper Selected for Renowned Awards
08/12/19 Biologists Pioneer First Method to Decode Gene Expression
07/31/19 David Traver Wins Prestigious International Hematology Award
07/17/19 National Organizations Announce Funding to Support UC San Diego Neurobiologists
07/09/19 Biological Sciences Undergrads Receive Saier Research Awards
06/28/19 Raymond Mak Honored with Saltman Excellent Teaching Award
06/24/19 Applying the Goldilocks Principle to DNA Structure
06/19/19 Borrowing from Astronomy to Rob the Twinkle from Brain Imagery
06/19/19 Randy Hampton and Stephanie Mel Receive College Honors
06/14/19 Viruses Found to Use Intricate 'Treadmill' to Move Cargo across Bacterial Cells
06/13/19 Five Biology Graduate Students Receive NSF Research Fellowships
06/10/19 Biology Students Receive Silagi Awards for Undergraduate Excellence
05/30/19 UC San Diego Ranked Ninth in World in Biomedical Sciences
05/24/19 Zebrafish Help Researchers Explore Alternatives to Bone Marrow Donation
05/16/19 Researchers Unravel Mechanisms that Control Cell Size
05/10/19 Shatterproof: The Seeds of a Blockbuster Discovery
05/10/19 Joe Pogliano Elected Fellow of American Academy of Microbiology
05/09/19 Scientists Locate Brain Area Where Value Decisions Are Made
05/07/19 Susan Ackerman and Bill McGinnis Elected to National Academy of Sciences
05/06/19 Kit Pogliano: Q & A with New Dean of Biological Sciences
04/23/19 Jens Lykke-Andersen Honored for Excellence in Graduate Teaching
04/22/19 Angela Nicholson Wins 2019 Grad SLAM
04/18/19 Susan Ackerman and Yishi Jin Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/18/19 On a New Path to STEM Success
04/11/19 Pesticide Cocktail Can Harm Honey Bees
04/11/19 Next-generation Gene Drive Arrives
04/08/19 Biology Class Addresses Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through a Scientific Framework
04/04/19 Grad Student Chandler Puritty Selected for Bouchet Society
03/11/19 Julian Schroeder Awarded International Prize for Advances in Plant Research
03/07/19 Researchers Discover a New Mechanism Used by Bacteria to Evade Antibiotics
02/21/19 Insights from a Nobel Race and a Life in Science
02/20/19 Foreign Bees Monopolize Prize Resources in Biodiversity Hotspot
02/07/19 Nobel Laureate Returns to UC San Diego Crossroads
01/31/19 Opposite Effect: Protein Widely Known to Fight Tumors Also Boosts Cancer Growth
01/28/19 Widening the Pathway to a STEM Career
01/28/19 UC San Diego Researchers Receive Funding to Address Critical Issues Facing California
01/23/19 UC San Diego Researchers First to Use CRISPR/Cas9 to Control Genetic Inheritance in Mice
01/08/19 New CRISPR-based Technology Developed to Control Pests with Precision-guided Genetics
12/17/18 UC San Diego Awarded $2 Million to Advance Algae-based Renewable Polymers
12/13/18 Coming to Light: Researchers Document Surprise Mobility in Wild Bacteria
12/03/18 First Jellyfish Genome Reveals Ancient Beginnings of Complex Body Plan
11/27/18 Dong-Er Zhang Named 2018 AAAS Fellow
11/13/18 Neurobiologist David Kleinfeld to Lead $15 million NIH study
11/01/18 Report Ranks UC San Diego Biology-Biochemistry as Ninth Best in World
10/30/18 Graduate Students Honored with 2018 Founding Faculty Awards
10/29/18 Biologists Discover Source for Boosting Tumor Cell Drug Sensitivity
10/08/18 Rachel Dutton and David Traver Recognized with NIH's High-Risk, High-Reward Awards
09/27/18 Taking out the (Life-threatening) Garbage: Bacteria Eject Trash to Survive
09/20/18 Physicists Train Robotic Gliders to Soar like Birds
09/13/18 Nikon Imaging Center Opens at UC San Diego
08/28/18 Sergey Kryazhimskiy Awarded Hellman Fellowship
08/14/18 Byproducts of 'Junk DNA' Implicated in Cancer Spread
08/13/18 Byungkook Lim Honored for Research Achievements By Brain and Behavior Foundation
07/25/18 Bacterial Communities Use Sophisticated Strategy to Communicate over Long Distances
07/18/18 Biological Sciences Neurobiologist Recognized by National Programs
07/12/18 Scientists ID Protein Exploited by Virus Ravaging West Africa
07/10/18 UC San Diego Biologists Discover Process That Neutralizes Tumors
07/09/18 New Dean Selected to Lead UC San Diego's Division of Biological Sciences
06/28/18 In Memoriam: Dan Lindsley, 1925-2018
06/26/18 Biology Professor Delivers Minority Scientist Lecture at Global Conference
06/19/18 A Sprinkle of Platinum Nanoparticles onto Graphene Makes Brain Probes More Sensitive
06/19/18 UC San Diego Launches New Center for Anti-Parasitic Drug Discovery and Development
06/14/18 UC San Diego Biologists Named New Pew Scholars
06/11/18 Amy Pasquinelli Awarded Grant on Aging Research
05/25/18 Keefe Reuther Receives Distinguished Teaching Award
05/23/18 Reck-Peterson Named HHMI Investigator
05/22/18 Scientists, Middle School Students Team Up to Learn More about Life in Space
05/22/18 Biology Undergraduates Honored for Research Achievements
05/17/18 Researchers Identify Gene That Helps Prevent Brain Disease
05/14/18 Scientists Find Missing Factor in Gene Activation
05/08/18 Two Biology Graduate Students Receive National Science Foundation Fellowships
05/02/18 A Drug Lord and the World's Largest Invasive Animal
05/01/18 Three UC San Diego Professors Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/30/18 Jim Posakony Honored with 2018 UC San Diego Integrity Award
04/26/18 Researchers Uncover Mechanisms That Impair Immune System Defenses
04/25/18 Brain Activity Linked to Stress Changes Chemical Codes
04/17/18 Researchers Develop First Gene Drive Targeting Worldwide Crop Pest
04/06/18 Enfu Hui Named 2018 Searle Scholar
03/29/18 Virus Found to Adapt through Newly Discovered Path of Evolution
03/20/18 Microbiology Academy Names Lorraine Pillus as New Fellow
03/13/18 Biology Graduate Student Honored for EDI Leadership
03/08/18 Thinking Outside the Museum Box
03/08/18 Yishi Jin Named to Junior Seau Endowed Faculty Chair in Traumatic Brain Injury
03/05/18 Researchers Film Bacteria Using "Hand-to-Hand" Combat to Steal Antibiotic Resistance Genes
03/02/18 Susan Golden to Receive International Research Honor
02/26/18 Taking Aim at Mosquitoes and Disease
02/13/18 Surprise Finding Points to DNA's Role in Shaping Cells
02/12/18 What Makes a Good Egg?
02/06/18 Active Genetics Technology Opens New Horizons
02/05/18 UC San Diego Undergraduate Synthesizes Visual Arts, Community Engagement and Scientific Research for Health Activism
01/29/18 Novel Technologies Reveal Key Information About Depleted East Pacific Green Sea Turtles
01/25/18 Discovery Offers New Genetic Pathway for Injured Nerve Regeneration
01/19/18 Biology Professors Named World's Most Influential in Their Fields
01/10/18 Worldwide Importance of Honey Bees for Natural Habitats Captured in New Report
12/22/17 Emily Petty Honored with Chancellor's Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award
12/19/17 Pesticides and Poor Nutrition Damage Animal Health
12/19/17 Researchers Unravel Key Mechanism Underlying Hydra's Regenerative Ability
12/11/17 Scientists Identify Promising New Approach for Immune System Defense against Cancer
12/01/17 Six Biology Graduate Students Awarded 2017 Goeddel Fellowships
11/29/17 James Nieh Named Fellow of Royal Entomological Society
11/28/17 Women Rising
11/28/17 Don Helinski Honored with Revelle Medal
11/20/17 Lorraine Pillus Named 2017 AAAS Fellow
11/06/17 Researchers Discover New Pathway for Handling Stress
11/03/17 11 UC San Diego Faculty Members Honored with Hellman Fellowships
11/02/17 Scientists Decipher Mechanisms Underlying the Biology of Aging
10/27/17 UC San Diego Researchers Solve Mystery of Oxygenation Connections in the Brain
10/27/17 UC San Diego Biology-Biochemistry Ranked Eighth in the World
10/20/17 Mutant Gene Found to Fuel Cancer-Promoting Effects of Inflammation
10/17/17 Pair of Discoveries Illuminate New Paths to Flu and Anthrax Treatments
10/13/17 Luring Hornets: Scientists Unlock Sex Pheromone of Notorious Honey Bee Predator
10/13/17 Bingfei Yu Wins 2017 Biology Founding Faculty Award
10/05/17 A Flip Flop Revolution
10/05/17 Emma Farley Garners National High-Risk, High-Reward Award
09/25/17 UC San Diego Researchers Explain the Mechanism of Asexual Reproduction in Freshwater Flatworms
09/21/17 Locking Down the Big Bang of Immune Cells
09/14/17 Neurobiologists Selected for National Awards
09/13/17 Tata Institute for Genetics and Society Advances with Building Naming, Inaugural Chair Holders
09/07/17 New Insights on Cell Transport Motor Reveal a Surprise of Acceleration
09/01/17 UC Funds New Pathway for Graduate Diversity
08/31/17 Scents and Social Preference: Neuroscientists ID the Roots of Attraction
08/15/17 Marie Adomako Receives HHMI Gilliam Fellowship
08/14/17 Challenge and Tragedy Shape an Alum's Bright Future
08/07/17 A New View for Protein Turnover in the Brain
07/25/17 Thousands of Genes Exchanged within Microbial Communities Living on Cheese
07/21/17 Broughton Awarded Chancellor's Dissertation Medal
07/19/17 UC San Diego Researchers Join $14.9 Million Fight Against Disease-transmitting Mosquitoes
07/17/17 New Study of Brain Circuits Finds Key Links to Symptoms of Depression
07/13/17 Scientists Invent New Tool for the Synthetic Biologist's Toolbox
07/10/17 Challenging Norms and Making a Difference in STEM Education
07/05/17 Biologist Elected to German National Academy
06/15/17 UC San Diego Biologists Named Pew Scholars
06/09/17 Biology Undergrad Links Underserved Students to STEM Opportunities
06/09/17 Barton Receives Simons Foundation Early Career Award
06/06/17 Dianne Pater Honored by Bouchet Graduate Society
05/22/17 Study Finds Bacteria Living in Marine Sponge Produce Toxic Flame Retardant-Like Compounds
05/11/17 Measuring the Impact of a Changing Climate on Threatened Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
05/04/17 Q&A with Heather Henter, Academic Coordinator, UC San Diego Natural Reserve System
05/04/17 Biology Students Receive Five Prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
05/04/17 Scientists Complete First EPA-Approved Outdoor Field Trial for Genetically Engineered Algae
04/26/17 Common Pesticide Damages Honey Bee's Ability to Fly, Research Finds
04/24/17 In Memoriam, Gordon H. Sato, 1927-2017
04/21/17 James Kadonaga Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/07/17 Stephanie Mel Honored for Exceptional Undergraduate Teaching
04/06/17 UC San Diego Biologists Discover Timesharing Strategy in Bacteria
03/21/17 Ancient Biological Clockwork Revealed Using 'Secret Sauce'
02/22/17 Sergey Kryazhimskiy Named 2017 Sloan Research Fellow
02/09/17 In Memoriam: Jonathan Singer 1924-2017
01/30/17 UC San Diego Biologists Unlock Code Regulating Most Human Genes
01/18/17 Study Shows Signs of Hope for Endangered Sea Turtles
01/18/17 Biologists Discover How Viruses Hijack Cell's Machinery
01/17/17 Bacteria Recruit Other Species with Long-Range Electrical Signals
12/21/16 Candice Sy Wins First Gabriele Wienhausen Biological Sciences Scholarship
12/16/16 Junior Seau Foundation Supports Brain Injury Studies and Education at UC San Diego
11/28/16 Biologists Watch Speciation in a Laboratory Flask
11/10/16 Hacking a Revolution in Biology
11/10/16 Two Biology Graduate Students Awarded ARCS Foundation Fellowships
10/27/16 Active Genetics Goes Global
10/27/16 Breaking Ground
10/21/16 Five Graduate Students Awarded David Goeddel Fellowships
10/17/16 Four Teams of Neurobiologists Awarded NIH BRAIN Grants
10/14/16 Rachel Dutton Awarded Packard Fellowship
10/10/16 Kyle Begovich Awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowship
10/07/16 Albert Lim and Ben Rubin Win 2016 Biology Founding Faculty Award for Graduate Excellence
10/07/16 Four Biologists Receive More Than $3 Million for Transformative Research
09/27/16 Three UC San Diego Biologists Receive Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Scholar Awards
08/22/16 Single-Celled Fungi Multiply, Alien-Like, by Fusing Cells in Host
08/08/16 Contamination from Marine Mammals May Hamper Recovery of California Condors
08/01/16 Scientists Determine How Birds Soar to Great Heights
07/20/16 Synthetic Biology Used to Limit Bacterial Growth and Coordinate Drug Release
07/06/16 In Memoriam: William Loomis, Distinguished Professor of Biology, 1940-2016
06/21/16 Daniela Zarate Awarded 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
05/26/16 Slime Mold Reveals Clues to Immune Cells' Directional Abilities
05/23/16 UC San Diego's Algae Biofuels Program Ranked Best in Nation
03/29/16 Say 'Cheese'
04/11/16 Biologists Discover New Strategy to Treat Central Nervous System Injury
04/05/16 In Memoriam, Ted J. Case, 1947-2015
04/04/16 Leilani Cruz Named to Bouchet Graduate Honor Society
03/29/16 Beach Replenishment May Have 'Far Reaching' Impacts on Ecosystems
03/29/16 Biologists Discover Sophisticated “Alarm” Signals in Honey Bees
03/28/16 Elsa Cleland and Darwin Berg Win 2016 Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Awards
03/23/16 Ethan Bier Named Allen Distinguished Investigator
03/08/16 UC San Diego Biophysicists Discover How Hydra Opens Its Mouth
02/29/16 Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins Named 2016 Cottrell Scholar
02/03/16 Valentino Gantz Wins Biology Founding Faculty Award for Graduate Excellence
01/22/16 Biologists Develop Method for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
01/04/16 In Memoriam, David Woodruff, 1943-2015
12/22/15 Sascha Duttke Wins 2014-15 Kamen Prize
12/09/15 New Method Allows Scientists to Screen Natural Products for Antibiotics
12/07/15 Gentry Patrick Receives Award for Outstanding Faculty Leadership in Presidential Initiatives
12/02/15 Researchers Unravel Age-Old Mystery of Why Cells Use Fermentation
11/30/15 Gen-Sheng Feng and Beverly Emerson Named AAAS Fellows
11/23/15 Biologists Create Malaria-Blocking Mosquitoes
10/29/15 Biology Graduate Prepares for Mission on Space Station
10/29/15 Mining Microbes: Division Plays Key Role in Campus Initiative
10/21/15 Roberto Malinow Elected to National Academy of Medicine
10/21/15 Study Finds More Tunnels in Ant Nests Means More Food for Colony
10/21/15 Biologists Discover Bacteria Communicate Like Neurons in the Brain
10/19/15 Kimberly Cooper Awarded Packard Foundation Fellowship
10/15/15 A Mentor for Success
10/12/15 Bill Kristan Honored with Award for Education in Neuroscience
10/08/15 UC San Diego Biology Ranks 6th in U.S. News Global Rankings
10/08/15 Evolution of Kangaroo-Like Jerboas Sheds Light on Limb Development
10/06/15 Eric Bennett and Brenda Bloodgood Win NIH New Innovator Awards
10/06/15 Division Partners with 2 Other Campus Units on $8.6-Million NIH Grant
09/11/15 Study Shows Africanized Bees Continue to Spread in California
08/24/15 Study Finds Black Bears in Yosemite Forage Primarily on Plants and Nuts
08/21/15 Life Sciences at UC San Diego Ranked 11th Best in World
08/20/15 Study Provides Hope for Some Human Stem Cell Therapies
08/07/15 Ipshita Zutshi Awarded HHMI International Student Fellowship
08/03/15 Alumnus David Goeddel Funds Fellowship for Next Generation Scientists
07/22/15 Resolving Social Conflict Is Key to Survival of Bacterial Communities
07/01/15 Flatworms Could Replace Mammals for Some Toxicology Tests
06/22/15 Scientists Create Synthetic Membranes That Grow Like Living Cells
06/15/15 Gürol Süel Wins Scialog Award
06/11/15 Brenda Bloodgood and Kimberly Cooper Named Pew Scholars
05/28/15 Tiny Parasite May Contribute to Declines in Honey Bee Colonies by Infecting Larvae
05/20/15 Chih-Ying Su Awarded Hellman Fellowship
05/20/15 Biology Students Join Hundreds of Undergraduates Across Nation to Co-Author Genomics Research Paper
05/13/15 David Kleinfeld Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/29/15 Brenda Bloodgood Wins Inaugural Cal-BRAIN Funding
04/29/15 Julian Schroeder and Russell Lande Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/29/15 UC San Diego Biological Sciences Ranks 14th in World
04/24/15 Surfing into a Greener Future
04/15/15 Lydia Hernandez and Marty Flores Recognized for Outreach and Service
04/15/15 Kimberly Cooper and Byungkook Lim Named 2015 Searle Scholars
03/19/15 New Genetic Method Promises to Advance Gene Research and Control Insect Pests
03/19/15 Meeting on 'Green Revolution 2.0' Draws Researchers and New Ideas
03/04/15 The Future of Neurosciences at UC San Diego
02/13/15 Training the Next Generation of San Diego Biologists
01/21/15 A Blind Date with Science
12/30/14 Study Sheds Light on What Causes Cells to Divide
11/03/14 York Hall Science Labs Get $6.5 Million Makeover to Help Students Graduate in Four Years
10/23/14 Julian Schroeder Elected President of American Society of Plant Biologists
10/13/14 Moderate Levels of 'Free Radicals' Found Beneficial to Healing Wounds
10/09/14 Brain Trust
10/09/14 Division Ranks Number 2 in Nation in Undergraduate Biology Education
09/30/14 Four Biology Professors Win NIH Grants from Obama's BRAIN Initiative
09/30/14 New Genetic 'Operating System' Facilitated Evolution of 'Bilateral' Animals
08/21/14 Local Students Experience Science at UC San Diego
08/18/14 Biologists Detail the Brain's Balancing Act
08/15/14 Quantitative Biology approach reveals importance of physical constraints on critical DNA interaction
08/01/14 Birthday Matters for Wiring-Up the Brain's Vision Centers
07/28/14 Study Suggests Disruptive Effects of Anesthesia on Brain Cell Connections Are Temporary
07/23/14 Researchers Produce a Plant Library of Master Genetic Switches
07/16/14 Eva-Maria Collins and Eric Bennett Win Hellman Fellowship
07/07/14 Discovery Provides Insights on How Plants Respond to Elevated CO2 Levels
07/07/14 Why 'Whispers' Among Bees Sometimes Evolve Into 'Shouts'
06/30/14 Susan Golden Named HHMI Professor
06/23/14 Biologists Find 'Missing Link' in the Production of Protein Factories in Cells
06/20/14 Joseph Lucas and Miao-Ping Chien Win Kamen Prize
06/01/14 How to Erase a Memory – And Restore It
06/06/14 Alexa Clemmons Wins The Barbara J. and Paul D. Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Students
06/05/14 UC San Diego Faculty 'Go Global' with Two New MOOCs
05/16/14 Division Helps Launch Campus Science Fiction Film Series
05/15/14 Larry Goldstein Wins UC San Diego Alumni Award for Distinguished Leadership
05/14/14 Takaki Komiyama Wins 2014 McKnight Scholar Award
05/05/14 Motor Cortex Shown to Play Active Role in Learning Movement Patterns
04/28/14 Biology Major Elizabeth Kim Wins Prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship
04/24/14 Shannon Lauberth Receives 2014 Kimmel Scholar Award
04/15/14 Biologists Develop Nanosensors to Visualize Movements and Distribution of Plant Stress Hormone
04/09/14 UC San Diego Researchers Develop Bacterial 'FM Radio'
03/21/14 Lin Chao Honored for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
03/21/14 Lord of the Bees
03/17/14 Study Finds that Fast-Moving Cells in the Human Immune System Walk in a Stepwise Manner
03/13/14 UC San Diego Biological Sciences Ph.D. Program Ranked Among Nation's Best
03/07/14 Motion-Sensing Cells in the Eye Let the Brain 'Know' About Directional Changes
02/24/14 Kyoto Prize Lecture
02/12/14 In Memoriam: Percy J. Russell
01/30/14 'Barcoding' Life
01/24/14 16 Biology Undergrads Win Gates Millennium Scholarships
01/02/14 Biologists Discover Solution to Problem Limiting Development of Human Stem Cell Therapies
12/02/13 Quantitative Approaches Provide New Perspective on Development of Antibiotic Resistance
11/15/13 Biology Major, Lauren Mejia, Receives NAVSEA/SPAWAR Navy Scholarship
10/10/13 New Dean Seeks to Improve Undergraduate Experience
10/04/13 Fear of Predators Drives Honey Bees Away from Good Food Sources
09/26/13 Wildlife Extinction Rates Skyrocket After Forest Disturbance
09/18/13 Biologists Discover New Method for Discovering Antibiotics
09/11/13 Biologists Uncover Mechanisms for Cholera Toxin's Deadly Effects
09/04/13 Biologists Uncover Details of How We Squelch Defective Neurons
08/23/13 Life Sciences at UC San Diego Ranked Seventh Best in World
08/07/13 Simple Math Sheds New Light on a Long-Studied Biological Process
07/31/13 UC San Diego Receives $1.15 Million NSF Grant for Biology 'Boot Camps'
07/24/13 UC San Diego Biologists Receive $1 Million W.M. Keck Foundation Grant
06/21/13 Distinguished UC San Diego Developmental Biologist Named Dean of Biological Sciences
06/19/13 Emily Troemel named 2013 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Investigator
06/13/13 Two Young UC San Diego Faculty Members Named Pew Scholars
05/28/13 Tracy Johnson named one of the Top 20 Women Professors in California
05/28/13 Andrew Huberman named 2013 McKnight Scholar
05/24/13 Graduate Student Sharon Torigoe wins Kamen Prize
05/23/13 Li-Fan Lu and Jose Pruneda-Paz named Hellman Faculty Fellows
05/17/13 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Awarded to Molecular Biology Major Chiara Ricci-Tam
05/16/13 UC San Diego Creates Center for Brain Activity Mapping
05/01/13 Nick Spitzer Elected into the National Academy of Sciences
05/01/13 New Plant Protein Discoveries Could Ease Global Food and Fuel Demands
04/25/13 Longer Days Bring 'Winter Blues'–For Rats, Not Humans
04/24/13 Discovery of Wound-Healing Genes in Flies Could Mitigate Human Skin Ailments
04/19/13 Quest for Edible Malarial Vaccine Leads to Other Potential Medical Uses for Algae
04/15/13 Emily Troemel Receives 2013 Merck Irving Sigal Memorial Award
03/14/13 Professors Johnson and Spitzer honored with 2013 Faculty Excellence Awards
03/07/13 UC San Diego Biologists Produce Rainbow-Colored Algae
03/07/13 Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Awards $1.6 Million to Young Investigator Suckjoon Jun
03/05/13 Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins Named 2013 Sloan Research Fellow
02/28/13 Biology of Time Change
02/21/13 Course Seeks to Educate World about Sustainable Food and Energy Issues
12/10/12 Biologists Engineer Algae to Make Complex Anti-Cancer 'Designer' Drug
11/26/12 Bioengineered Marine Algae Expands Environments Where Biofuels Can Be Produced
11/08/12 An Innovative Approach to Halting Roundworm Infections
10/23/12 Associate Dean for Education Selected as Vision and Change Leadership Fellow
09/24/12 Discovery May Shed Light on Why Some HIV-Positive Patients Have More Virus
09/07/12 Professors Goldrath and Traver Receive Funding from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
08/16/12 Biological Sciences at UC San Diego Ranked 9th in World Survey
08/06/12 Tim Baker Honored with Microscopy Society of America 2012 Distinguished Scientist Award
07/12/12 Discovery of Chemical That Affects Biological Clock Offers New Way to Treat Diabetes
06/06/12 Two Biology Undergraduates Receive Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
06/05/12 Assistant Professor Carolyn Kurle Named 2012-2013 Hellman Faculty Fellow
06/04/12 Graduate Student Mira Chaurushiya Wins 2011-2012 Kamen Prize
05/25/12 Undergraduate Hannah Wang Wins 2012 Selma and Robert Silagi Award
05/23/12 Commonly Used Pesticide Turns Honey Bees into 'Picky Eaters'
05/23/12 More Plant Species Responding to Global Warming Than Previously Thought
05/16/12 UC San Diego Biologists Produce Potential Malarial Vaccine from Algae
05/14/12 Gabriele Wienhausen Honored with 2012 Athena Pinnacle Award in Education
05/08/12 Plant Biologists From Across Country to Converge in San Diego to Discuss Future of Food, Fuel
05/02/12 Study Shows Experiments Underestimate Plant Responses to Climate Change
05/02/12 Roberto Malinow Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/12/12 Studies Reveal How Cells Distinguish Between Disease-Causing and Innocuous Invaders
03/22/12 Two Biology Professors Honored with Faculty Excellence Awards
03/12/12 Nick Spitzer on KPBS Midday Edition: Thursday, March 15
02/21/12 Three Faculty Named Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fellows
01/18/12 Therese Markow Wins George W. Beadle Award from Genetics Society of America
01/05/12 San Diego's Algal Biofuels Research Enterprise Continues Rapid Growth
12/18/11 Researchers Create Living 'Neon Signs' Composed of Millions of Glowing Bacteria
12/08/11 Jim Posakony Named 2011 AAAS Fellow
12/07/11 Fire Ants' Spread Aided by Partnership With Other Insects
12/02/11 Ananda Goldrath named Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar
12/01/11 Founding Biologist at UC San Diego Dies at 89
11/22/11 Biologists Use Algae-Produced Protein in Global Health Initiative
11/17/11 Worms Reveal Secrets of Wound Healing Response
11/03/11 Biologists Use Flies and Mice to Get to the Heart of Down Syndrome
10/27/11 Do Bacteria Age? Biologists Discover the Answer Follows Simple Economics
10/24/11 UC San Diego Biologists Unravel How Plants Synthesize Their Growth Hormone
09/22/11 UC San Diego Biologists Discover Genes That Repair Nerves After Injury
09/21/11 Old-growth rainforests must be saved for tropical biodiversity
09/07/11 Biofuels Certificate Program Trains Workers for New Jobs in State's Green Economy
09/08/11 Glowing, Blinking Bacteria Reveal How Cells Synchronize Biological Clocks
08/18/11 Biologists' Discovery May Force Revision of Biology Textbooks
07/13/11 Biologists Discover an 'Evening' Protein Complex That Regulates Plant Growth
07/08/10 UC San Diego Biologists Find Way to Lower Tumor Risk in Stem Cell Therapies
06/28/10 DOE Awards UC San Diego Consortium $9 Million for Algal Biofuels Research
06/07/10 Bees, Biology and Chemistry: Bringing Graduate Level Research to High School Classrooms
05/27/10 Supporting Promising Young Faculty: The 2010 Hellman Faculty Fellows Announced
05/17/10 UC San Diego Biologists Unravel Mechanisms of How Immune Cells Move
04/19/10 Biology Professor William McGinnis Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/15/10 High-Altitude Metabolism Lets Mice Stay Slim and Healthy on a High-Fat Diet
04/14/10 UC San Diego Biologist Receives 2010 World Ecology Award
03/31/10 Dean Steve Kay Among UC San Diego Faculty Excellence Awards Honorees
03/25/10 UC San Diego's “Biotech Demystified” Program Offers Science Basics For Industry Leaders
03/23/10 Study Finds Bacteria Divide Like Clockwork
03/15/10 Synergy Between Two Types of De-worming Drugs Found Promising in a Lab Test
03/09/10 Study Shows Potential for Using Algae to Produce Human Therapeutic Proteins
03/05/10 UC San Diego Establishes Center for Chronobiology
02/24/10 Bt Protein Found Effective Against Parasitic Roundworm Infections
02/20/10 Genes, Environment, or Chance?
02/19/10 Biologists Discover How Biological Clock Controls Cell Division in Bacteria
02/17/10 Biologists Image Birth of Blood-Forming, Stem Cells in Embryo
02/11/10 Biologist Discovers 'Stop' Signal in Honey Bee Communication
02/01/10 In Love with Research, and with Each Other
01/20/10 UC San Diego Researchers Synchronize Blinking “Genetic Clocks”
01/15/10 Wilder Weather Exerts a Stronger Influence on Biodiversity Than Steadily Changing Conditions
01/11/10 Researchers Identify microRNA Targets in C. elegans
01/08/10 One of Top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year
01/07/10 Biologists Develop Efficient Genetic Modification of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
01/04/10 Associate Professor David Holway named Faculty Director of UCSD's Natural Reserve System
12/17/09 Dean Steve Kay and Biology Professor Robert Schmidt named 2009 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
12/14/09 Newly Identified Enzymes Help Plants Sense and Respond to Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Could Lead to Water-wise Crops
12/02/09 A Sapphire Energy Co-Founder Sees Solutions in Algae for Drugs as Well as Biofuels
11/16/09 Study Finds Bees Can Learn Differences in Food's Temperature
11/06/09 Neurobiologists determine how the brain represents both faint and intense signals
11/05/09 2009 Graduate Retreat- A great success
11/02/09 Expert on Genetics of Algae Joins UC San Diego
10/26/09 Scientists learn how hormones aid plants in drought (San Diego Union-Tribune)
10/24/09 Noriyuki Nishimura Wins 2009 Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award
10/23/09 Scientists Making Crops Drought Tolerant (KPBS)
10/23/09 Jim Wilhelm Receives 2009 New Scholar Award in Aging
10/22/09 Shape of a hormone sensor helps biologists understand how plants survive drought
10/19/09 Fizzy drinks leave sour taste (Australian Broadcast Corporation News)
10/19/09 How Tongues Taste the Carbonation in a Fizzy Beverage (NY Times)
10/19/09 Tongue's Sour-Sensing Cells Taste Carbonation (Science News)
10/15/09 Scientists Discover Protein Receptor for Carbonation Taste
10/07/09 Division Congratulates Nobel Winning Alum (Nobel Foundation)
09/23/09 UCSD Team Looks at Body's Clock (Del Mar Times)
09/17/09 Interest in algae's oil prospects is growing (LA Times)
09/17/09 Algae as Fuel of the Future Faces Great Expectations - and Obstacles (NY Times)
09/17/09 Insulin-Linked Genes Tied to Body's Internal Clock (US News & World Report)
09/17/09 RNA Screen IDs Pathways Influencing Human Circadian Clock (GenomeWeb)
09/17/09 Genes controlling insulin can alter timing of biological clock
09/02/09 Neurobiologists identify an essential protein for axon regrowth in animal model
08/27/09 Students Travel to Panama for Research Expedition
08/11/09 Experimental drug can kill roundworms
08/10/09 Discovery Could Help Stem Infections of Parasitic Roundworms
08/07/09 Extinction 'Gene': Some Species Are More at Risk
08/07/09 Extinction hits 'whole families'
08/07/09 Extinction: Is It in the Genes?
08/03/09 Extinction Runs in the Family
07/20/09 New Life Histories Emerge for Invasive Wasps, Magnify Ecological Harm
07/07/09 National Parks in Kenya Not Insulated From Wildlife Declines
07/01/09 Making Plants That Sip, Not Gulp, Water
06/24/09 Anti-inflammatory Drugs May Defeat a Treatment-Resistant Type of Cancer
06/18/09 Success of Socrates Fellows Program Shows After One Year
06/15/09 Biologist-comic seeks good chemistry with audience
06/10/09 “Weedy” Bird Species May Win as Temperatures Rise
06/04/09 Division Celebrates First-Ever Research Showcase 2009!
06/01/09 Graduate Student Community Awards
05/28/09 Academic Senate Teaching Awards
05/21/09 Biology Sweeps UCSD Alumni Awards
05/20/09 Scientists crack the mystery of why some birds lay more eggs than others
05/13/09 UC San Diego Assistant Professors Receive Hellman Faculty Fellows Awards
05/11/09 Islands top a global list of places to protect
05/08/09 UC San Diego Expands Summer Program for Undergraduate Cyberinfrastructure Research in Asia and Pacific Rim
05/04/09 Strong Odor Flips a Neural Switch Between Attraction and Aversion
05/01/09 Plant genetics could yield crops that need less water
04/30/09 CIRM Awards $5 Million Early Translational Grant to UC San Diego Researcher
04/30/09 2009 Herbert Stern Lecture: Control of Cell Fate and Body Growth inDrosophila
04/30/09 NY Times: Sustainability and Crop Engineering
04/29/09 2009 Stephen Kuffler Lectures
04/28/09 Regional Partnership to Develop Algal Biofuels Gets Backing of San Diego Leaders
04/20/09 Martin Yanofsky named a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/17/09 Nature Matters Lecture: Climate Change and Southern California Ecosystems
04/08/09 Nigel Crawford Presented Faculty Excellence Award
04/04/09 Scientists and Investors Mingle at Summit
03/31/09 Pioneering Geneticist Named Recipient of 2009 UCSD/Merck Life Sciences Achievement Award
03/24/09 UC San Diego Biologists Discover a Protein Link to Wound Healing
03/13/09 Biologists Discover Missing Piece of Plant Clock
03/05/09 New Explanation for a Puzzling Biological Divide Along the Malay Peninsula
02/12/09 Happy Birthday, Mr. Darwin
02/12/09 The other legacy of Charles Darwin
02/12/09 Celebrating Darwin's Legacy: Interview with Dean Kay
02/05/09 Kit Pogliano Elected a Fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology
01/26/08 Algae Could Boost Jobs in San Diego
01/21/08 San Diego Algae Biofuels Industry Gains Steam With R&D Consortium
01/01/08 Trying to Turn San Diego into the Green Houston
12/18/08 Three Biological Sciences Professors Named AAAS Fellows
12/18/08 Fruits of the fly
12/09/08 Why Do Some Bird Species Lay Only One Egg? UC San Diego Study Offers Some Answers
12/08/08 Discovery of Microbe in Roundworm Provides Animal Model for 'Emerging Pathogen'
11/25/08 Do Plants have Body Clocks? The Naked Scientists interviews Dean Steave Kay
11/24/08 Flies May Reveal Evolutionary Step to Live Birth
11/13/08 Experts in science, medicine and technology weigh in on what the new president should do first
11/12/08 Light Triggers a New Code for Brain Cells
11/09/08 Tumors Grow Faster Without Blood-Supply Promoting Molecule
11/04/08 Nature Matters: Free Public Lectures Tell How Modern Ecology Can Guide Conservation
10/30/08 UC San Diego Biologists Discover a Motor Protein That Rewinds DNA
10/28/08 Study Confirms Amphibians' Ability to Predict Changes in Biodiversity
10/23/08 Protein Compass Guides Amoebas Toward Their Prey
10/22/08 UCSD Near You Program Connects UC San Diego with Alumni in New York and Bay Area
10/13/08 Sejnowski Elected to Institute of Medicine
09/29/08 Eureka! Program Gives Undergrads Chance to Trade Summer Jobs for Opportunity to Conduct Hands-on Research
09/15/08 Biologists Identify Genes Controlling Rhythmic Plant Growth
09/02/08 Algae is the Answer
07/30/08 Olfactory Fine-Tuning Helps Fruit Flies Find Their Mates
07/24/08 Biologist Bill Loomis onLife As It Is
07/22/08 Bio Grad Students Megan Eckles and Sam Lasse Help Bring Research into Area Classrooms
07/11/08 Two Biology Faculty Named Hellman Fellows
07/10/08 Wasps and Bumble Bees Heat Up, Fly Faster With Protein-Rich Food
07/07/08 Biodiversity Maps Developed by UC San Diego Scientists Will Help to Guide Conservation Measures in East Africa
06/30/08 Bio Grad Awarded Fulbright Grant to Study in Uruguay
06/23/08 UCSD Scientists Highlight Biofuels, Stem Cells Research at Biotech Convention
06/17/08 Scientists Discover DNA Knot Keeps Viral Genes Tightly Corked Inside Shell
06/11/08 Staff in Memoriam: Mary La Blue
05/27/08 UC San Diego Biology Professor Named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
05/12/08 EPO: Tale of Mice and (Super) Men
04/29/08 Two Plant Biologists at UC San Diego Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/28/08 2008 Life Sciences Career Expo, hosted by BSSA
04/18/08 UC San Diego Scientists Show First 3-D Image of Antibody Gene
04/17/08 Mice Can Sense Oxygen Through Skin - Washington Post
04/17/08 UC San Diego Study Finds Mice Can Sense Oxygen Through Skin
04/02/08 Biology Senior and Biology Alumnus Win Top Awards from UC San Diego Alumni Association
03/11/08 Biologists at UC San Diego Identify Key Protein in Cell's “Self-Eating” Function
02/27/08 Study Finds Future 'Battlegrounds' for Conservation Very Different to Those in Past
02/27/08 Gene That Controls Ozone Resistance of Plants Could Lead to Drought-Resistant Crops
02/26/08 Fourth “Evolution Matters” Lecture Unravels the “Abominable Mystery” of Flowers
02/19/08 Third “Evolution Matters” Lecture Explores Nature's Complexities — from Human Brain to Rainforest
02/05/08 Ant "Super Colony" Could Endanger San Diego's Local Ecology
02/04/08 Part of the Solution: UCSD Organizes Conference to Discuss Developing Biofuels to Replace Dependence on Oil
01/10/08 Second “Evolution Matters” Lecture Focuses on Genetic Patterns of Embryos, Kinship among Species
12/20/07 Biologists Find Unusual Plant Gene: Abstinence by Mutual Consent
12/19/07 South American Ants Eating Way Across California
12/18/07 Study Links Success of Invasive Argentine Ants to Diet Shifts
12/13/07 5 local scientists get slice of stem cell research pie
12/13/07 UC San Diego Researcher Receives New Faculty Award for Stem Cell Research from The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)
12/13/07 UC San Diego Selected for Nationwide Science Education Program
12/10/07 Threatened Birds May Be Rarer than Geographic Range Maps Suggest
12/07/07 Discovery of Fruit Fly Model Could Help Stroke and Transplant Patients
11/15/07 Division's Evolution Matters Public Lecture Series to Explain Biological Links among All Living Creatures
10/29/07 Professor Stephen Briggs Named to AAAS
10/17/07 Eng Endowment of $50K Supports Wilderness Studies at UC San Diego
10/17/07 Discovery of New Antiviral Mechanism in Mammals May Improve Treatment of Hepatitis C Infections
10/04/07 Division's Undergraduate Student Organization (BSSA ) Launches New Year
09/17/07 Scripps Research Institute Biologist Named UCSD Dean of Biological Sciences
09/10/07 Professor Maarten Chrispeels Named an inaugural Fellow of the American Society of Plant Biologists
09/05/07 In First Step of Promising Partnership, Chile Will Send Scholars to UC San Diego to Boost Chile's Biotech Science
08/13/07 Interaction of Two Genes Governs Coloration Patterns in Mice
08/08/07 Researchers Examine How Cells Change the Pace of Their Steps
08/07/07 The Power To Empower
06/20/07 Key Finding by UC-San Diego Scientists May Improve Treatment of Anemia
06/19/07 Professor Ananda W. Goldrath named 2007 Pew Scholar
06/18/07 Division holds 5th Annual Graduating Senior Reception and Award Ceremony
06/14/07 Making Pretty Pictures: The images Kit Pogliano takes of bacterial proteins are breathtaking, but the science is even more so.
06/05/07 Study Warns Climate Change and Deforestation will Lead to Declines in Global Bird Diversity
05/10/07 UCSD Academic Senate to Honor Biology Professor Steve Wasserman
05/02/07 Amy Kiger: A Scientist to Watch
05/01/07 Global Survey of Lizards Reveals Greater Abundance of Animals on Islands Than on Mainland Ecosystems
04/09/07 UCSD Discovery Raises Questions About Some Therapies Designed to Treat Half of all Human Cancers
03/27/07 Harvard Biologist Named Recipient of 2007 UCSD/Merck Life Sciences Achievement Award
03/20/07 Biologists Produce Global Map of Plant Biodiversity
03/09/07 UCSD Alumni Association to Honor Martin Yanofsky for Distinguished Teaching
12/19/06 Electrical Activity Alters Language Used By Nerve Cells
11/30/06 Invasive Ants Territorial When Neighbors Are Not Kin
11/23/06 AAAS Fellows in Biological Sciences
11/14/06 Pattern of Human Ebola Outbreaks Linked to Wildlife and Climate
10/26/06 Tweedle Coat Fashions Stocky Flies
10/10/06 UCSD Faculty Named to Prestigious National Organization
10/05/06 Study Finds Tropics Are the Source of Most New Species
10/02/06 Compound Eyes, Evolutionary Ties
09/25/06 Bacterial Protein Shows Promise in Treating Intestinal Parasites
09/19/06 Red Is for Hummingbirds; Yellow for Moths
09/11/06 Mechanism to Organize Nervous System Conserved in Evolution
08/23/06 UCSD-led Team Discovers How We Detect Sour Taste
07/26/06 UCSD Biologist Receives Prestigious Presidential Award
07/18/06 Discovery of Genetic Mutation in Florida Beach Mice Suggests Extinct Mammoth Had Light and Dark Fur
07/17/06 Amy Pasquinelli named 2006 Keck Distinguished Young Scholar
06/30/06 UCSD Biologists Solve Plant Growth Hormone Enigma
06/28/06 Innovation on both sides of the border
06/01/06 UCSD Receives $2.1 Million Grant to Enhance Undergraduate, Community College and Pre-College Science Education
5/11/06 California - A Sunny State of Opportunities
5/08/06 Kiger and Traver Named Kimmel Scholars
4/27/06 Beckman Young Investigator Awards
3/30/06 Water Found To Be Main Culprit In Argentine Ant Invasions
3/24/06 UCSD Biologist, Beloved Teacher Dies
2/27/06 Young Faculty Awarded Prestigious Sloan Foundation Fellowships
1/26/06 Study of Tropical Forests Worldwide Reveals that Nature Encourages Diversity
1/18/06 National Academy of Sciences Awards Major Prize to UCSD Chemistry and Biology Professor
1/18/06 UCSD Biologists Find New Evidence for One-Way Evolution
1/17/06 Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals
1/06/06 Internationally Recognized Cell Biologist at UCSD Dies
11/30/05 Bridging California's Educational Divide
11/17/05 Biologists Examine Success and Failures of Ant Invasions
11/09/05 Zebrafish Stem Cells Provide Clues to Blood and Immune System Development
10/28/05 Professor Vivek Malhotra named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
10/19/05 UCSD Study Shows 'Junk' DNA Has Evolutionary Importance
10/18/05 Dr. Gentry Patrick, recipient of this year's Ray Thomas Edwards Award
9/15/05 The Origin of the Human Mind: Insights from Brain Imaging & Evolution
9/05/05 Obituary for Silvio Varon
8/30/05 UCSD Pioneer in Neuroregeneration Dies at 81
8/18/05 UCSD Named "Hottest" in Science
8/03/05 Biologist Discovers What May Be World's 'Pickiest' Mates
8/02/05 Igert Training Grant Awarded to Professors Briggs and Schroeder
7/26/05 Assistant professor Lisa Boulanger has been named holder of the Professorship in Neuroregeneration
7/01/05 Researchers Boost White Blood Cells' Ability to Kill Bacteria
6/30/05 Charles Carpenter Retires
5/30/05 Jing W. Wang, assistant professor of biology, has been named a 2005 Searle Scholar
5/09/05 UCSD 'Dude' Making Waves in Public Service
5/05/05 Amoeba Genome is Latest to be Charted
5/04/05 Biologists Determine Genetic Blueprint Of Social Amoeba
4/14/05 Master Gene Controls Healing Of "Skin" In Fruit Flies And Mammals
4/04/05 RNA Symposium Attracts 500 Biologists to UCSD
2/10/05 Discovery May Help Extend Life Of Natural Pesticide
12/26/04 UCSD Discovery Shows How Embryonic Stem Cells Perform 'Quality Control' Inspections
12/01/04 UCSD Biologists Identify Gene In Corn Plants That May Have Paved Way For Development Of Maize
10/21/04 Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain San Diego Union-Tribune
10/11/04 New multiplex labeling technique fills gap between in situ hybridization and microarray analysis
9/01/04 Cilia and Cilia
8/23/04 UCSD Biologists Develop 'Super-Endurance' Strain Of Mice
8/05/04 Method To Visualize Gene Activity May Provide Important Insight Into Normal Development And Genome Function
7/12/04 UCSD Biologists Discover Cell's Defense Mechanism Against Class Of Disease-Causing
6/16/04 No such thing as natural farming
6/15/04 Espionage May Have Driven The Evolution Of Bee Language According To UCSD-Led Study In Brazil
5/13/04 UCSD Biologists Uncover Genetic Links To Broad Range Of Human Disorders Resulting From Cilia Dysfunctions
5/01/04 UCSD Biologist Marty Yanofsky discuses crops as a threat to the ozone layer on The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Science Show"
4/20/04 Two UCSD Professors In Biology And Physics Elected To National Academy Of Sciences
3/13/04 Amy Pasquinelli has won The Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award of the Peter Gruber Foundation
1/08/04 Scientists Discover New Gene Essential For The Development Of Normal Brain Connections Resulting From Sensory Input
1/06/04 Study Gives New Insight Into How Anthrax Bacteria Can Evade A Host's Immune Response
10/30/03 Maarten J. Chrispeels Named Fellow Of American Association For The Advancement of Science
10/13/03 Plant Gene Discovered That Promotes Production Of Ozone-Destroying Methyl Halides
10/10/03 New Gene Necessary For Plant Growth And Development Discovered Using A Promising Experimental Technique
09/22/03 Study of Stingless Bees in Brazil by UC San Diego Biologist Provides Insight Into Evolution of Bee Communication
09/12/03 Immo Scheffler receives UMDF Sage Fellowship for studying mitochondrial function
08/13/03 Why we need more Latino scientists and engineers
08/08/03 UCSD Biologists Discover Key Step For 'Designer Plants' That Could Clean Up Heavy Metals At Hazardous Waste Sites
08/01/03 Preservation of genetic information stored in plants and animals (National Public Radio)
07/27/03 Argentine insects once again making North County antsy
07/03/03 UCSD honors the father of DNA, Francis Crick
06/30/03 Mauricio Montal Named Biophysical Society Fellow
06/18/03 Francis Crick Wins First 'Life Sciences Achievement Award'
06/13/03 Cuts And Wounds In Mammals- Protein Critical For Development In Fruit Flies Found To Aid Healing
05/05/03 Mind-set:Research project will study architecture's impact on the brain
03/06/03 Biologists Discover Key To Blocking Inflammation
02/28/03 UCSD Biologists' Study Links Human Impacts Along The Coast To Size Declines Of Marine Snails In Southern California
02/19/03 Bt Toxins Found To Kill Parasitic Roundworms
01/24/03 Terror-Fighting Hotbed: San Diego Is Key Battle Ground in Fight Against Terrorists
12/03/02 Biological Sciences Wins Diversity Award
11/07/02 Biological Sciences' Al Hilde Named UCSD Veteran Of The Year
10/07/02 Biology Professor at Salk and UCSD Wins 2002 Nobel Prize in Medicine
10/03/02 Former UCSD Provost And Biology Professor Dies At 84
9/12/02 DNA Evidence Suggests 3 Types Of Elephants Roam Africa
5/30/02 Discovery Sheds Light On Mechanisms That Allow Cells To Steer Directly Towards Chemical Cues
2/28/02 Proliferation Of Argentine Ants In California Linked To Decline In Coastal Horned Lizards
2/06/02 First Genetic Evidence Uncovered Of How Major Changes In Body Shapes Occurred During Early Animal Evolution
1/31/02 UCSD Biologists Discover That Machinery For Cell Division Plays Dual Role In Partitioning Developing Embryo
1/15/02 UCSD Biologists Visualize Protein Gradient Responsible For Dividing Embryo Into Nervous System, Epidermis
11/29/01 Pictures Reveal How Nerve Cells Form Connections To Store Short- And Long-Term Memories In Brain
8/02/01 UCSD Biologists Identify Genetic Mechanisms Conferring Resistance To 'Bt Toxins'
6/28/01 UCSD Researchers Decipher Molecular 'Code' Capable Of Controlling Plant Water Loss During Droughts
6/14/01 UCSD Biologists Identify 548 Genes In The Fruit Fly Likely To Play A Role In Human Genetic Diseases
5/31/01 Study Of Marine Snail Suggests Conservation Efforts Should Consider Factors Beyond Genetic Diversity
5/16/01 UCSD Professors In The Biology And Physical Sciences Divisions Honored For Achievements2001
4/30/01 UCSD Biologists Discover New Class Of Genes Responsible For Embryonic Development
3/08/01 Calcium Signals Found To Guide Nerve Cell Development
2/05/01 UCSD Biologists Transform Leaves Into Petals
1/17/01 Biologists Uncover Darwin's 'Missing Evidence' For Divergence Of Species In A Warbler's Song
1/03/01 UCSD Biologist, Author To Speak On Benefits And Ethical Issues Raised By Human-Genome Technology
11/21/00 Founding Dean Named For UCSD's Division Of Biology
11/02/00 UCSD Professors In The Biology And Physical Sciences Divisions Honored For Achievements2000
10/31/00 UCSD Scientists Awarded $3-Million Biocomplexity Grant
6/22/00 UCSD Professors in Natural Sciences Honored for Achievements
6/02/00 Biology Student to Receive Dr. Selma Silagi Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science at UCSD
5/15/00 Success of Introduced Argentine Ants Tied to Reduced Genetic Variation
5/10/00 Genes for Unusual 'Flower Within A Flower' are Identified by UCSD Scientists
4/26/00 Four UCSD Students Selected as Beckman Scholars
4/13/00 UCSD Scientists Identify Genes Controlling Seed Dispersal
3/23/00 UCSD Study of Uncoordinated Fruit Flies Provides Molecular Clues to Hearing Problems in Humans
3/16/00 Identification of Bitter-Taste Genes Provides Insight Into the Organization of the Taste System