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Noriyuki Nishimura Receives 2009 Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award

October 24, 2009

Photo of Noriyuki Nishimura
Noriyuki Nishimura

Noriyuki Nishimura, a postdoctoral fellow working in Julian Schroeder's laboratory, is one of three winners of the 2009 Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award from the Bayer Science and Education Foundation. Nishimura won his award, which is designed to support talented young research scientists at an early stage of their academic career and comes with 10,000 EUR, in the "biology" category for his co-identification and characterization of specific stress hormone receptors in plants.

"These receptors ensure that plants are better able to survive stress conditions such as drought," the foundation said in announcing his award. "This could enable the discovery of new approaches for safeguarding nutrition for a growing world population."

This is the first year that Bayer Early Excellence in Science Awards have been made. This new international award will be presented annually in three categories: biology, chemistry and materials. To be eligible for the Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award, candidates must have completed their doctorate within the last five years. The award is presented on the basis of the originality and quality of candidates' research and the significance of this work in the respective award category.

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