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Resources for Web Managers

The Division Web Office is comprised of a team of people who contribute to the development of content, usability, and technical support for the division's web presence.

In addition to the support provided by the division's web team, there are many tools and resources outside the division for building web pages or sites. We are happy to make recommendations on the best combination of resources to fulfill your needs.

Lab Web Sites

Labs that are interested in creating their own website are encouraged to use the Wordpress template provided by the Division. This is the most streamlined way to get started. The template covers the most common usage for lab sites, comes with full instructions for configuration, and the domain and hosting costs are covered by the Division. Please contact the Help Desk ( to get started.

Organization Web Sites

The main division website as well as select ORUs and research clusters use the Hannon Hill Content Management System (CMS), which is administered through the central department Workplace Technology Services. If you or your unit are responsible for updating content on the main division website or another site in the CMS, please email to get access and training.

For ORUs, research clusters, or special initiatives that need their own web presence, we are also available for consultation to explore your options.

Content and Tool Guides