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Biological Sciences Computer Services

The Biological Sciences Computer Services Unit maintains a help desk to provide a more convenient and efficient point of contact for all persons needing computer or network assistance in the Division of Biological Sciences.

We assist Biology faculty, staff, and students with...

  • Troubleshooting, questions, and requests for computer and network services
  • Questions and requests for UCSD Exchange and Google accounts
  • Biology conference room audio/visual troubleshooting support
  • After hours building access (WAMS ID Card Readers)
  • Network based lab and admin data storage
  • Divisional applications and division website requests


Computer and Networking Help
(858) 53 4-6355
(858) 53 4-6355
Physical Access to Biology Buildings
Division Website Requests


M-F, 9:00am - 4:00pm or by appointment

Walk-in hours
suspended during COVID-19 emergency period


Urey Hall, 1900 Suite

Mailing Address

Mail Code: 0346


Contacts are listed for informational purposes. Please send service requests to the general contact so that we can best assist you. The Help Desk manages communications if any of our staff members are unavailable.

Jude Poole
Director of Computer Services
Urey Hall 1920
(858) 53 4-4824
(858) 53 4-4824
Oversees all of Biological Sciences Computer Services.
Steve Bates
Help Desk Manager
Urey Hall 1910
(858) 82 2-0365
(858) 82 2-0365
Manages help desk requests and personnel.
Bonnie Weems
Urey Hall 1625
(858) 53 4-3431
(858) 53 4-3431
Primary point of contact for divisional websites; manages resources, coordinates projects, and maintains a clear assessment of the overall status of the site through regular analysis and reports on site-related data.