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COVID-19 Research Resources for Laboratories

This page contains School of Biological Sciences guidelines as well as links to collections of campus resources.

For the latest campus updates, including mask policies, guidelines for events and meetings, and testing and exposure procedures, please visit the Blink Return to Learn webpage.

Campuswide Guidance for Research Laboratories

  • As of December, 2022, masks/face coverings are not required on campus, except in clinical settings. This applies to both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • UCSD requests that everyone respect each community member's masking preference. Individual labs/groups cannot require masking in their spaces and no one should be asked to remove or put on a mask.
  • Upon returning to working on campus, all individuals must complete the online "COVID-19 Prevention" training course. This course is available on UC Learning. Individuals planning on returning to work on campus must complete this course to comply with Cal/OSHA return to work guidelines.
  • In accordance with county symptoms tracking guidelines, all faculty, staff, and students working in laboratories must complete the COVID-19 symptoms checker before coming to campus each day. Registration for the symptoms checker and a direct link to the checker can be found at the COVID-19 Symptom Screening website. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on a day you are planning to come to work, please complete the symptoms screener in order to alert the EOC of your symptoms, contact the nurse hotline phone number provided, and stay home.
  • As of March 2022, in-person research/laboratory meetings are allowed on-site for faculty, staff and students . Meetings can take place indoors or  outdoors.  Additionally, food and drink may be served at these meetings, regardless of vaccination status. Symptom screeners must be completed by all attendees at meetings/events where food/drinks are served. 
  • As of April 2022, supervisors can require research staff, post-docs, and graduate students to work in person.  
  • If an individual is sick and/or believes they have had exposure to COVID-19, they must stay home from work until they have a negative COVID-19 test.

Research Ramp Up Plans

  • As of March 2022, Research Ramp Up plans are no longer required.
  • The Research Ramp Up Blink web page provides a comprehensive overview and guidance for research ramp up
  • More information on current research ramp up developments can be found on Blink.

School Guidelines

  • The School of Biological Sciences requests that all members of the community respect each community member's masking preferences. 
  • School controlled conference rooms are currently available for research/lab meetings. 
  • All standard safety practices must still be observed, including the continued use of standard PPE (lab coats and safety glasses).
  • All school safety policies apply to researchers working on campus regardless of vaccination status.

Campuswide Forms and Resources

Questions or concerns? Contact your School Safety Officer at or 858-333-9791.