Environment, Health, and Safety

Index of Safety Contacts for the Division


Chemical Safety

Controlled Substances

Wendy Scott, Controlled Substances Program Manager

(858) 534-1362 | wscott@ucsd.edu
Central Research Services Facility, Room 240 MC#: 0090

Laser Safety

Trung Le, Laser Safety Officer and Health Physicist

(858) 822-2850 | t16le@ucsd.edu
Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 468 MC#: 0091

Personal Protective Equipment Program

Radiation Safety

Bonner Hall, Muir and Pacific Hall 

David Skydel, Health Physicist

(858) 822-5526 | dskydel@ucsd.edu
Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 419 MC#: 0091

AP&M, CNCB, NSB and York Hall

Kayla Evans, Health Physicist  

(858) 822-0891 | k4evans@ucsd.edu
Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 420 MC#: 0091

Research Assistance Program (Lab Audits)

Ken Jacoby, Research Assistance Specialist

(858) 534-4172 | kjacoby@ucsd.edu
Central Research Services Facility, Room 241 MC#: 0090

Waste Management

Questions or concerns? Contact your Division Safety Officer at safetyofficer@biology.ucsd.edu or (858) 333-9791.