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Tuition, Fees & Funding

Tuition and fees for graduate students are determined by the University of California Office of the President and subject to change without notice. Current UC San Diego graduate student tuition and fees.

The Division of Biological Sciences does not provide financial support to MS students.  MS students may apply for Teaching Assistant positions in Biological Sciences or other departments to assist in funding their MS program.   Note that TA appointments are not guaranteed for any student in the BS/MS program. Students should not expect to rely on TA appointments as a means to support their graduate education.

There are a limited number of opportunities available as positions are strictly allocated based upon undergraduate enrollment.  This means that even well-qualified applicants may not be assigned if undergraduate enrollment does not warrant an open position.  Applicants who wish to improve their chances of being assigned to a position are encouraged to:

  1. Apply in every quarter in which they are eligible
  2. List as many course preferences on the application as they are eligible to list (i.e. courses successfully completed)
  3. Prioritize courses in which they have earned an A, especially:
    1. Laboratory courses
    2. Lecture courses that are offered on a limited basis (i.e. offered once per year)

The UC San Diego Financial Aid office provides information and step-by-step application process and frequently asked questions for students who are considering financial aid.

Other potential sources of financial support

For Faculty Advisors

Students do not receive financial support from the Division of Biological Sciences. Although not expected, thesis advisors may choose to contribute to their MS student's funding by supporting the student as a Graduate Student Researcher. Please contact Lien Ngo, for more information.