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Faculty can see the list of students who have been admitted and their responses at the Graduate Student Recruitment Portal (UCSD Single Sign-On required)

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Teaching Contribution

Teaching Contribution Requirements Summary (From MOU): All Salk adjunct faculty are required to engage in:

  • classroom teaching (must teach an average of three 50-minute lectures each year over each review period)
  • student mentoring [ex. independent research such as BISP 199 (undergraduate), BGGN 271 (MS student), BGGN 299 (PhD student)]
  • service to the Program(e.g., committee assignments, participating in retreat or graduate student recruitment activities)

Classroom teaching - Recommended course for Salk faculty - BI_ _ 194/BGGN 28_

The Division offers several seminar courses designed to provide junior/senior students and MS students with an opportunity to work in a smaller class setting to develop a more thorough understanding of a specific area in biological sciences. This course offers Salk faculty the opportunity to instruct students in a topic of their choice in a small, seminar setting.

The course requires approximately 15 hours of instruction and can be taught at the Salk Institute (or on UCSD campus). Normally, two Salk faculty will share the teaching of a single course, which would be approximately 7.5 hours of teaching for each Salk faculty. Thus, co-teaching a course like this every other year satisfies the MOU requirement for 3 hrs of teaching/year by producing an average of 3.75 hrs/year.

Resources for planning teaching contribution:

Course/teaching evaluations:

Please note that course/teaching evaluations are an integral part of the Academic Personnel file review process. Instructors of record (instructors published in the Schedule of Classes) are included in campus' evaluation surveys. However, guest lecturers are not automatically added to the evaluation systems.

Adjuncts who complete teaching contribution requirements through guest lectures in graduate courses are strongly encouraged to coordinate with the instructor of record prior to the evaluation period to ensure they are added to the graduate course evaluation system.

Evaluation reports for CAPES and Graduate Course Evaluations

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