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Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) Accommodation Information

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is responsible for determining accommodations based on the individual's current functional limitations. Students registered with OSD may be eligible for accommodations for course exams (midterms, quizzes, final exams). The School of Biological Sciences adheres to Academic Senate policy to make accommodations.

The School of Biological Sciences OSD Liaison ( will work directly with students who have registered with OSD and been issued exam accommodations. Once an electronic Authorization for Accomodation (AFA) has been received, the Liaison will send an email confirmation with information on how to register for in-person course exams at the Triton Testing Center (TTC). Biology students with exam accommodations on their AFA letter will have all of their accommodated exams scheduled directly with the TTC.

Registering at the Triton Testing Center (TTC), Steps for Students:

  1. Fill out the TTC student registration form.
  2. Once the TTC has approved and created an account, log in to their system to confirm accommodations and schedule exams within the parameters (e.g., testing window) provided by the course instructor(s). Please do this as soon as possible to secure accommodations.
  3. Testing Day Information for the TTC.

To receive exam accommodations, students will need to sign up at least 3 business days prior to any exam to ensure the TTC can secure adequate staffing and provide everything needed for accommodations. More information about the TTC and their process is available on the Triton Testing Center website.

If students delay in completing any steps related to receiving accommodations, this reduces the potential for exam accommodations to be fulfilled.

Remote Exams & Classroom Accommodations: OSD exam accommodations are only for in-person exams. Students enrolled in remote classes or who have classroom accommodations not related to exams will need to work directly with the class instructor to receive accommodations.

Faculty/instructors will find more information on registering at the Triton Testing Center website.

Triton Testing Center:
Website: Triton Testing Center (

OSD Liaison Contact Info


Pacific Hall 1128
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0348


(858) 534-0557

Office Hours

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday