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The School of Biological Sciences hires paid Readers as needed.

Typical Duties:

Actual duties for a particular course may vary. Complete descriptions of duties will be provided to selected applicants by the instructor of record for the course. Typical duties include:

  • Attend lectures
  • Grade exams/quizzes/homework
  • Enter grading information
  • Proctoring exams
  • Exam Scribe

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Prior completion of an Undergraduate IA (UGIA) assignment. Including a Passing grade (P) in BISP 195.*
  • Prior completion of the same or equivalent course of the assignment. Instructor may require completion of certain courses with stipulated grades (often a grade of A or B expected). See also, Alternative Qualifying Courses
  • A cumulative 3.000 UC GPA at the time of application and during the quarter of assignment.
  • A minimum of 90 units completed or transferred into UC San Diego at the time of application.
  • Registered UC San Diego student with fees paid in the quarter of assignment.


  • Students may NOT assist in more than one course per quarter at UC San Diego.

*Summer 2024 special considerations, please visit the page on Summer Session

See the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) website for additional information concerning Academic Student Employment (ASE) salary rates and benefits.

Workload and Expectations:

Reader assignments may differ depending on the specific course and its associated workload. Typically, Readers can expect 0 to 10 hours per week. However, workload may fluctuate and Readers should be prepared for variations in their hourly commitment, with the possibility of increased responsibilities during peak periods such as finals week.

Readers ( including proctors and graders) must accurately report the actual hours worked in their assigned positions. A 25% FTE Reader position equates to a maximum of 110 hours per quarter, which is approximately 10 hours per week. Some weeks may require more hours than others. If additional hours beyond the allocated FTE are anticipated, students must obtain prior approval from the instructor or supervisor. To ensure timely and correct payment processing, timesheets must be submitted punctually and accurately reflect hours worked. Detailed instructions for submitting timesheets through EcoTime will be provided upon completion of employment paperwork.

For any inquiries related to timesheet submission, please reach out to

Performance Evaluations and Standards

IAs are evaluated by the instructor of the course and by the students enrolled in the course.

Employment Information

  • A School of Biological Sciences’ team member will contact you by email for instructions on employeement paperwork.
  • Students employed in the title code 2850 are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between UC San Diego and the ASE/UAW.
  • Readers are paid biweekly and must submit timesheets. A School of Biological Sciences’ team member will provide information on pay dates and timesheet submission. For questions, please email
  • Names and addresses of all ASEs are released to the UAW as a condition of employment in title code 2850.
  • See the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) website for additional information concerning Academic Student Employment (ASE).
Questions? Send them to