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The Division of Biological Sciences hires readers, title code 2850, as needed. Typical duties include grading, proctoring exams, or serving as a scribe for an exam. Dates and duration of assignments will vary.

At this time, the division only actively recruits graduate students as readers. Eligible graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of six units during the quarter of service.

Employment Information

  • A Division of Biological Sciences’ team member will contact you by email if you must attend an employee sign-up session.
  • Graduate students employed in the Graduate Student Reader title code 2850 are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between UC San Diego and the ASE/UAW. 
  • Readers are paid biweekly and must submit timesheets. A team member will provide information on pay dates and timesheet submission.
  • Names and addresses of all ASEs are released to the UAW as a condition of employment in title code 2850.
  • See the Graduate Division website for additional information concerning Academic Student Employment (ASE).
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