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Information for Instructional Assistants

Download the "Guide for Instructional Assistants in the Biological Sciences" Training Manual PDF

Office Hours

Temporarily Unavailable. In the interim, IAs may choose to hold office hours in an Outdoor study space, Group Study Room, at a coffee cart, or virtually.
Location: Humanities & Social Science (HSS) room 1145L
  • Available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (excluding holidays).
  • Instructional Assistants may view weekly time slots using the calendar link
  • Requests are only accepted via the Division's IA Office Hour Reservation Request form.
  • The conference room is not secure; personal belongings should not be left unattended.
  • Please be respectful of all users by adhering to reservation times and leaving a clean space.

Exam Support

Instructional Assistant may be asked to assist with facilitation of Scranton exams and/or Exam Depot drop off. Please review the documents for further instructions.

Review and Grading Sections

Requests are only accepted via the Division's Room Reservation Request form.

Please allow a minimum of two full working days for a response.

NOTE: Large review sessions are most successfully scheduled in the late evening or on the weekends.

Textbook Loan

Instructional Assistants may borrow a copy of the textbook required for the course in which they are assisting, if one is being used by the instructor. 

Please visit the Biological Sciences Textbook Reservation System to determine if a hard-copy textbook is available.  If the textbook is listed, you may reserve a copy. Use the HELP button on the top of the screen if you need assistance in navigating the site. 

If the textbook is not listed, a hard-copy textbook is not available.  Instead, the textbook will be automatically provided in an electronic format either by the Student & Instructional Services Office or the publisher.  You should receive this information by the end of the first week of the term. 

Professional Development for PhD Students

Career exploration and skill development resources for Biological Sciences  Ph.D.  Program students are catalogued here.


For more information about the resources listed above, or related to logistical or administrative aspects of an IA assignment, please contact

Dr. Stanley Lo is the Faculty Advisor for Instructional Assistants.  The Faculty Advisor is a point of initial contact for inquiries related to professional development as an IA, science of teaching, classroom effectiveness, or other questions and concerns related to ethics, behavior, or academic integrity.

Office: York Hall 4070B