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Ecology, Behavior & Evolution: Press Contact Info

Areas of Expertise


Lin Chao, Professor, ( ): evolutionary biology

Elsa Cleland, Assistant Professor, ( ecology of native plants, plant responses to global environmental change, climate change, restoration of native plant communities

David Holway, Professor, ( ): ecology, social insects , invasive ant species, argentine ants, fire ants, agricultural effects of ant and ant mutualists.

Joshua Kohn, Professor, ( ): evolution of plant mating systems, ecological plant genetics, plant population biology

Carolyn Kurle, Assistant Professor, ( ): ecology , conservation, climate change, effects of anthropogenic disturbances on native species in terrestrial, marine, and aquatic communities, biodiversity, species invasions

James Nieh, Professor, ( ): animal behavior, animal communication, honey bee health, colony collapse disorder (CCD), bee foraging, bumble bees, stingless bees, social insects.

Scott Rifkin, Assistant Professor, ( ): evolutionary biology, effects of genetic and environmental variation on phenotypic variation, genetic networks, gene expression dynamics

Jonathan Shurin, Professor, ( ): marine biology, aquatic ecology, community and ecosystem ecology, trophic levels

Christopher Wills, Professor Emeritus ( ): evolutionary biology, molecular evolution, evolution of sex, pathogen evolution, evolution of HIV, tropical rainforest diversity, genetic variation