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Montage of three photos: First, two scientists in the background observing a petri dish filled with algae in the foreground. Second, a scientist in the background holding up a white flip flop with the UCSD triton logo in the foreground. Third, a magnifying glass over a grey background magnifies a blue and oranged colored chromosome.

A Deep Look into the Future of Biology Celebrating 60 years of UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences

In the Spring of 2020 the Division of Biological Sciences unveiled a new public speaker series in honor of our 60th Anniversary titled, "A Deep Look into the Future of Biology". Due to concerns surrounding the transmission of COVID-19 at in person events, the Division has transitioned these events to a virtual format. Each event showcases short, impactful presentations around research, current events, and discoveries in the world of Biology. Starting in Fall 2020, in addition to these short format presentations, the Deep Look series will also include a “Deep Conversation” virtual event series that takes us into an intimate conversation with biologists regarding issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the field of biology.

A Deep Conversation with Jon Beckwith: A History of Scientific and Social Activism and the Teaching of Social Issues in Biology

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020, 12pm-1pm

Host:  Sonya Neal (intro by Kit Pogliano)

Speaker: Jon Beckwith

Please join us for an intimate discussion with microbiologist and geneticist Jon Beckwith of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Beckwith is the author of “ Making Genes, Making Waves: A Social Activist in Science” and will discuss the history of scientific and social activism and the teaching of social issues in biology. Along with having a successful scientific career, Dr. Jon Beckwith has been one of the scientific community’s most influential champions of social justice and civil liberties. He has openly supported the Black Panther Movement and was among the first in his field to warn the world about the danger of genetic engineering. He has over 50 publications dealing with issues such as discrimination and misuse of behavior genetics. He was a member of the Working Group on Ethical, Legal and Social Implications committee of the Human Genome Project and was an important organizer of the international organization, Science for the People. Since 1983, he has taught a course on Social Issues in Biology at Harvard University, one of the first courses of its kind.

This event will be hosted on Zoom with a brief Q & A to follow.

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A Deep Look Into: Trust in Science in Uncertain Times

Thursday, Oct. 22, 12-1 p.m.

Host: Kit Pogliano

Speakers: Steve Hedrick, Kim Prather, Kim Rubinstein and Sherry Seethaler

The year 2020 has put science in the spotlight as never before. From wearing masks during the pandemic to questions surrounding vaccinations, science has been thrust into the center of our lives with social media, allegations of fake news and political mistrust fanning flames of doubt. In a program co-sponsored by the Research Communications Program, a panel of experts will discuss core issues of science communications, public distrust and authenticity, with a focus on issues intertwining the COVID-19 pandemic.

This event will be hosted on Zoom with a brief Q & A to follow.

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