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Transformation of humans by the manibular puncture of an arachnid previously treated with a radioisotope

Ima Postdoc (Ideal Lab)

Exposure of an arachnid model organism to radioisotopes has been found to have various exciting effects. Aside from the glow in the dark phenotype, some arachnids have been observed to develop a new and novel type of venom that can alter mammalian organisms exposed to such venom. A brief database on some of the effects can be viewed at the Ideal Lab site. Human subjects were selected for their mild-mannered traits, and they were subsequently treated by mandibular puncture by radioisotope-exposed arachnids. Identified by morphology and peculiar behaviors, the mutated human subjects' phenotypes rival those of the previously discovered Radioactive Man. In addition to making discoveries that should lead to production of web-shooting mammals that could be useful in biomedical sciences (for instance in wound closure), we have demonstrated a means to create superheroes in a manner that is reliable, efficient, and stable.