Poster Session

attendees looking at posters

The poster boards measure 36x48 inches. The poster session will be split between two rooms to provide additional space. A number will be assigned to each poster. For the first half of the session, odd-numbered posters will be presented. For the second half of the session, even-numbered posters will be presented.

Poster Judging Criteria

  • Content: Innovation, creativity, quality, and originality.
  • Clarity and organization: Is the poster well-written and composed? Do the conclusions follow logically from the results?
  • Communication: Presents central theme and results of research, communicates concisely and clearly, poster covers key points of research and includes important data; student answers questions effectively.

Equal weight will be assigned to each category, which will be ranked on a scale of 1-4 with 1 being fair and 4 being excellent.