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2024 School of Biological Sciences-Salk Institute Retreat

Location: UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2024 - Tuesday, October 22, 2024

Each year, the retreat brings together UC San Diego School of Biological Sciences and Biological Sciences-affiliated Salk Institute researchers, faculty, and PhD students to share their work and foster a sense of community.

The School is pleased to announce that the 2024 retreat will be held at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Joseph Parker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor; Chen Scholar

Division of Biology and Biological Engineering

California Institute of Technology

Visit Dr. Joseph's lab site for more information.


Updates coming soon!


Updates coming soon!

Committee Members

  • Nan Hao (Chair)
  • Sung Han
  • Matthew Lovett-Barron
  • Isabella Maita
  • Andrew Muroyama
  • Axel Nimmerjahn
  • Michael Perry
  • Patrick Rohner
  • Melody Bazyar-Catalano
  • Meagan Daly
  • Valeria Zaporozhets

For any questions related to the Retreat, please contact