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Profiles in Discovery Lecture Series History

Since its inception in 1960, UC San Diego has been home to several of the world’s leading biologists.  These outstanding scientists have made incredible discoveries in cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and bioinformatics and left indelible marks on the science community. To honor these pioneers and ensure that their legacy and stories are preserved for future generations, we established the Profiles in Discovery series. Through this series, the legends of UC San Diego Biology give an in-depth career perspective talk in which they provide the context in which they made their seminal discoveries.  Their talks are interwoven with a revealing personal interview and edited for broadcast television (UCSD TV) and online viewing.

Past Speakers

  • Peter Geiduschek

    Peter Geiduschek

  • Russell Doolittle

    Russell Doolittle

  • S. Jonathan Singer

    S. Jonathan Singer

  • Donald Helinski

    Donald Helinski

  • Dan Lindsley

    Dan Lindsley