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Division Vehicle Fueling Instructions

As a courtesy to others, we require the driver to fill the tank when it is at or below one-fourth of a tank.

1. Drive the UCSD vehicle to the fueling station.
Fuel pumps are located on the east side of the Campus Services Complex across from the Fleet Services offices (see map ).

2. Fuel the vehicle.

  • Insert the electronic fuel key into the automated terminal near the pumps.
  • The system will prompt you to:
    • Enter the PIN number.  The pin is the last 4 digits of the UC vehicle number.
    • Enter the current mileage.  Please enter accurately as any inconsistencies will lock us out of the system.
    • Enter the number of the pump you wish to use, 1 or 2. Do not use the other pumps as they are Diesel fuel.
  • Fill the tank.