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Facilities and Shops

The Division’s Shops are a self-supporting, non-profit administrative unit whose purpose is to provide support to the Division of Biological Sciences.

Work is performed on a recharge basis and is billable to most campus fund sources. Recharge rates vary depending on the level of technical depth and experience required for the project. Estimates are provided free of charge except with some limits for the repair of electronics.

We assist with...


Urgent or Emergency? Write URGENT or EMERGENCY in the subject line.
(858) 53 4-2449
(858) 53 4-2449

Our work order tracking system will generate an automated reply message that will include a tracking/case number. Please supply this number when contacting us regarding your work request.


Trevor Theissen
Facilities Manager
Biology Field Station
(858) 53 4-2449
(858) 53 4-2449
Cell: (858) 24 5-5068
Cell: (858) 24 5-5068
Handles maintenance, repair, and fabrication for Division equipment and electronics.