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Division Vehicles

Eligibility for Use

  • Must have a valid California Driver's License AND
  • Must be a paid employee, either Academic, Staff or Student OR an MS/PhD student who has paid fees for the quarter in question (or for summer, having paid fees the previous spring quarter)

Apply for vehicle use

The School of Biological Sciences supports the use of three different types of vehicles to meet your Divisional business related needs:

Van: Located at Bonner Hall Lot 112. Keys are located in Bonner Hall 2150 in the key kiosk.

Pick-up Truck: Located in the Muir Lot 201. Keys are located in Muir Biology 3rd floor hallway at the north end of the building.

¾ Ton Flatbed Truck: Located in the Bonner Hall parking lot. This vehicle is only available with a driver at our current recharge rate. Please call 858-245-5068 or email for more information.

Vehicle Use Policies and Requirements

Warning: Failure to comply with Divisional guidelines regarding Biology vehicle use will result in immediate and permanent suspension of privileges.

Division vehicles serve the needs of many researchers and other employees. Each use is limited to a sign-out period of two hours, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. These vehicles should not be used for any reason other than official divisional business in accordance with divisional and university policies.

Vehicle Use and Safety

Although the Division maintains these vehicles and pays for the fuel, for safety reasons, it is the driver’s responsibility to keep the vehicle fueled and check the oil, tire pressure and running lights before each use. Please report any abnormalities to Trevor Thiessen at  858-245-5068 and email The user is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is returned with a fuel level of at least 1/4 of the tank. See the Vehicle Fueling Instructions for more information.

Vehicle Fueling Instructions

Learn how to fuel Division vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking and Reporting

Each Biology vehicle is equipped with a GPS device and user travel data (including route and speed) that will be logged and reviewed.

As a courtesy to others, the user will legibly complete the paper log sheet inside the vehicle key kiosk. The paper log sheet allows other users to determine when the vehicle will be available for use.

Users are required to immediately report any traffic incident or damage to the vehicle (including the receipt of any traffic or parking citation) to Trevor Thiessen at

Divisional Vehicle Use FAQs

Do you need a car to run a personal errand? While the Divisional vehicles are not authorized for this type of use, you might consider the Zipcar at UCSD.