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How to Purchase Tax-free Alcohol (100% Ethanol)

Tax-free alcohol is restricted from a regular department order. You must be authorized to purchase 100%/200 proof Ethanol. 

Become an authorized alcohol custodian

  • Have your PI send an email with “Tax Free Alcohol Authorization” in the subject line to the Purchasing Coordinator ( stating that you (name) are being authorized to purchase 100% ethanol for the lab.
  • The request will be processed internally and by UCSD Storehouse (STORE).
  • STORE will send you an email confirmation once your authorization has been entered into their application.
  • Please contact STORE if you do not receive a confirmation within 2 weeks.
  • Orders are placed through Marketplace where every alcohol purchase is checked against the authorized custodian list in the STORE application. Only if you are listed will your purchase request turn into a purchase order.

Important: Authorization letters must be renewed annually.

Follow guidelines on volume

STORE through Marketplace provides i.a. the following pre-packaged alcohol options:

  • 200 Proof, 6x 1 pint bottle – part # 0109
  • 200 Proof, 4x 1 gallon bottle – part # 0110

For safety reasons, buying alcohol in 5gal drums is discouraged. Select smaller volumes to avoid ergonomic issues and the need for Bonding and Grounding. It will also save you a few pennies.

Buying by the gallon is the way to go!

Cost of buying ethanol: 5gal vs 5x1gal

2015 Prices
Marketplace Part # Volume Cost/pk Cost/gallon
0110 4 x 1 gallon $49.13 $12.28 ← cheaper!
0111 1 x 5 gallon $62.48 $12.49

Purchase and arrange for delivery

To have pre-packaged alcohol delivered, place your order with STORE through Marketplace.

  • Your order will be delivered within three days of receipt
  • An alcohol custodian must be present to sign at the time of delivery
Questions or concerns? Contact your Division Safety Officer at or (858) 333-9791.