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How to Purchase Tax-free Alcohol (100% Ethanol)

Tax-free alcohol is restricted from a regular department order. You must be authorized to purchase 100%/200 proof Ethanol.

Become an Authorized Alcohol Custodian

  • Have your PI send an email with “Tax Free Alcohol Authorization” in the subject line to the Department Chair stating that you (name) are being authorized to purchase 100% ethanol for the lab.
  • Follow the procedures at the Tax-Free Ethanol STORE products and services page.

Important: Authorization letters must be renewed annually.

Follow Guidelines on Volume

  • For safety reasons, buying alcohol in 5 gallon drums is discouraged. Select smaller volumes to avoid ergonomic issues and the need for Bonding and Grounding. It will also save you a few pennies.
  • Buying by the gallon is more economical.

Purchase and Arrange for Delivery

To have pre-packaged alcohol delivered, place your order with STORE.

  • Your order will be delivered within three days of receipt.
  • An alcohol custodian must be present to sign at the time of delivery.
Questions or concerns? Contact your School Safety Officer at or 858-333-9791.