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BioCAP (Corporate Affiliates Program)

Program Overview

The School of Biological Sciences Corporate Affiliates Program (BioCAP) is a dynamic partnership between the School of Biological Sciences and the life sciences industry. We are dedicated to cultivating a robust and diverse talent pipeline and developing innovative ways to further enhance our thriving and supportive life science community.

As a BioCAP partner, your annual membership opens doors to a pool of diverse, workforce-ready talent from one of the world's consistently top-ranked universities through the option to join the School of Biological Sciences Co-Op Program. The Co-Op Program is a one-year internship, paid by the company, that allows students to gain valuable work experience while concurrently participating in career development training through an accredited UC San Diego course. Our team is committed to delivering you a personalized, targeted marketing approach to ensure your Co-Op positions reach our students through their preferred communication channels.

In addition to tapping into top-tier talent, your BioCAP membership offers unparalleled brand visibility across campus. Your company logo will be prominently featured in all of our program materials and showcased at every event and program we participate in. Plus, you'll receive exclusive invitations to campus events designed to build meaningful interactions with faculty, students, and leaders within the life sciences community.

BioCAP Benefits

By joining BioCAP, your company becomes an integral part of our vibrant UC San Diego and life sciences community. You'll have the opportunity to regularly engage and cultivate impactful relationships with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and industry leaders. Together, we'll contribute to the growth and enrichment of the San Diego life sciences ecosystem while fortifying a diverse talent pipeline from academia to industry.

As a valued BioCAP partner, your company will benefit from:

  • Access to undergraduate talent equipped with advanced soft skills and science communication training through our required Co-Op course where students give presentations on the work they do at your company at large-scale campus symposiums
  • Personalized, targeted marketing that promotes your Co-Op positions directly to students through their preferred communication channels, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement
  • Brand visibility across campus, with your company logo prominently featured in all of our program materials and showcased at campus-wide programs and events in which we participate
  • Invitations to exclusive events on campus, providing opportunities to foster relationships with campus leadership, faculty, students, alumni, and industry leaders

Programs and events our BioCAP partners are invited to include:

  • Exploring Careers in Life Sciences Conference: Participate as panelists or have a table at the Opportunities Fair. Approximately 200 Biological Sciences undergraduates attend each year, hosted by the Biological Sciences Student Association in January.
  • BUMMP (Biology Undergraduate and Masters Mentorship Program) Annual Student Symposium (BASS): Table the Opportunities Fair, where Co-Op students are typically invited to present the work they do at your company in the poster session of this event. Approximately 200 undergraduate, masters and doctoral students attend this event every spring quarter.
  • Research Showcase: Table this annual event that is hosted in spring, attracting more than 200 students, faculty, principal investigators every spring.
  • Deep Look Public Speaker Series: Attend this virtual series that showcases short, impactful virtual presentations around research, current events, and discoveries. The series is hosted 1-3 times per year and averages 200 attendees and more than 10,000 total views to date on our UCTV YouTube Channel.

Student Recruitment Process

Your company has the opportunity to kickstart recruiting as early as fall for Co-Op positions set to begin the following summer. For a seamless and stress-free recruitment process with ample time, we recommend initiating recruitment no later than April. Students will need to be officially hired by early June to start their Co-Op positions in the summer.

To hire top Co-Op talent and make an immediate impact at your company, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a Handshake account if you haven't already done so.
  2. Post the position on Handshake and send the link to, along with the undergraduate majors you're looking to recruit.
  3. We'll take care of promoting the position across our campus marketing channels, ensuring maximum visibility among our students. This includes newsletters and social media platforms for student organizations and academic departments.
  4. Your company will oversee the interview and hiring process, keeping us informed at once students have been hired.

Please keep in mind that UC San Diego operates on the quarter system. The academic year starts the last week of September and concludes mid-June.

Impact of Your Contribution

BioCAP membership contributions directly support the School of Biological Sciences in the following critical ways:

  • Provide career development, training, and professional opportunities for UC San Diego students
  • Support BioCAP and Co-Op operations, covering essential expenses such as staffing, events, and communications
  • Support School of Biological Sciences career development courses, ensuring students receive the guidance they need to excel professionally
  • Sustain the BioCAP and Co-Op Programs, giving our students and alumni career development and paid experiences that help them launch their careers. Learn more about what our Co-Op students do and where our alumni are now.

BioCAP partners see a tangible return on investment, including:

  • Cost-saving in recruitment: Tap into a pool of talented students and streamline your hiring process
  • Potential to increase retention rates: Hire and train highly motivated Co-Op students who are eager to learn and grow within your organization
  • Potential revenue generation: Oversee student-driven projects that add value to your company
  • Opportunities for research collaboration: Collaborate with world-renowned faculty, fostering innovation and breakthrough discoveries
  • Brand visibility: Showcase your commitment to education, innovation, and leadership development, attracting top talent and promoting your company’s mission

How to Become a BioCAP Partner

Email us at to schedule an introductory call to learn more. There are no deadlines to join BioCAP.

Typically, companies create positions specifically for the Co-Op Program. However, if your company already has an internship program of any length, you can join BioCAP and your internship program can be integrated into the Co-Op Program. You’ll still have access to the range of benefits outlined in the BioCAP Benefits.

BioCAP Membership Tiers

  • Silver: Startups with annual revenue under $10M (startups founded by alumni with revenue under $10M receive complimentary membership)
  • Gold: Companies with annual revenue over $10M
  • Platinum Sponsor: Sponsor Includes all benefits listed under “BioCAP Benefits” (above), as well as your company logo included with “Sponsored by” on all BioCAP Co-Op-related events for optimal brand elevation and recognition across campus with our students, faculty, staff, and extended community
For membership costs per tier, please email to schedule an introductory call with our leadership team.

Other Ways You Can Support

Whether you're an individual or a company, there are multiple ways for you to make a meaningful impact through BioCAP, regardless of whether you hire Co-Op students.

  1. Your company can join BioCAP without participating in the Co-Op Program and still gain all of the benefits outlined in the “Investing in the Future of the Life Sciences Industry” section. As a BioCAP partner, your company logo will be prominently featured in all of our program materials, ensuring that your commitment to education and innovation is recognized widely by faculty, students, and leaders across the life sciences community. Additionally, you'll receive exclusive invitations to events on campus where you can network and build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders.
  2. Your company can choose to provide philanthropic support to BioCAP and the Co-Op Program without officially joining as a partner. Your generous contributions directly impact the success of our students and help sustain these vital programs, ensuring that future generations of life sciences leaders have access to hands-on training and meaningful professional opportunities.
  3. Individuals can also make a major impact by making a gift of any amount at any time. Your donation plays a crucial role in supporting UC San Diego students and ensuring that BioCAP and the Co-Op Program continue to thrive as self-sustaining initiatives. We are deeply grateful to donors like you for your support and the career development training and work experience it provides our students.

Become a BioCAP Partner

Please reach out if you'd like to schedule an introductory call or request more information.

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