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BI**194: Summer 2022 Course Descriptions

Disclaimer: Students may not receive credit for a second attempt of the same topic that was previously completed.

Course BIEB 194 A00
Instructor Roy, Kaustuv
Title Ecological future of a warm and crowded planet
Description By the year 2050 the world is expected to have around 9 billion people and temperatures that are much warmer than now. Such changes have enormous consequences for species and ecosystems. In this class we will explore how three major anthropogenic stressors - climate change, resource exploitation and urbanization - are changing the ecology of the planet and the economic and societal impacts of such changes. In addition, we will explore approaches for minimizing the impacts of these changes on biodiversity and human societies. The course will involve short lectures by the instructor introducing individual topics and student-led discussions of the relevant primary research literature. Students will also work in groups to research a specific topic, chosen in consultation with the instructor, write a short report and present their findings to the class. The grade for the course will be based on class participation, report and presentation.
Prerequisites Please see the Biology Course Prerequisites page for most current prerequisite information.
Course BIEB 194 B00
Instructor Kurle, Carolyn
Title Finding Your Guidance Groove: How to make life choices rooted in authenticity rather than false mental constructs
Description We will read and discuss the forthcoming book by UCSD Biology Professor Dr. Kurle called The Guidance Groove: How to Stop Living in Unproductive Grooves, Connect with Inner Guidance, and Increase Your Authenticity and Happiness. The book is a roadmap for people who are used to making decisions while relying mostly on the mental stories they have accumulated over years of personal, familial, and societal programming, but who intuitively feel and know there is a different way. We will discuss how to approach choices in your life in a way that looks beyond false mental constructs and draws on data from your own personal intuition and wisdom. We’ll examine what it means to be stuck in the stories stemming from four Unproductive Grooves—Inadequacy, Obligation, Scarcity, and Unworthy—across multiple life arenas (family, friends, school/work/life, community, intimate partnerships), how to escape from the automatic thinking that perpetuates the Unproductive Grooves, and how to find, value, and listen to your own personal guidance. In this way, you can approach all choices from a place of heightened authenticity and freedom which increases personal happiness, ease, and joy. The book will be provided free via PDF and groups of students will be responsible for working together to present each chapter for discussion. Please be prepared to be vulnerable and open to sharing with Dr. Kurle and the other members of the seminar. We will create a safe, encouraging, and loving space to share our experiences of recognizing and breaking free of Unproductive Grooves and navigating choices from a place of sincerity, clarity, and guidance. For more information, see
Prerequisites Please see the Biology Course Prerequisites page for most current prerequisite information.
Course BISP 194 A00
Instructor Reuther, Keefe
Title COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: discovery through approval
Description Since the initial spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19, we have witnessed the rapid development, testing, and dissemination of mRNA vaccines. In this seminar, we'll discuss several aspects of the vaccination approval pipeline from discovery to testing for safety and efficacy. While we will discuss biological mechanisms, the primary focus of this course will be in experimental design and drawing conclusions from data. In the usual seminar format, one or more people speak on a selected topic, and then there is a period for discussion of the topic. This course will give you practice using primary literature to learn about a topic, communicate that knowledge to others, and lead a discussion among your peers.
Prerequisites Please see the Biology Course Prerequisites page for most current prerequisite information.
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