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BI** 194 / BGGN 280-285 Courses

The School of Biological Sciences offers a number of seminar courses (numbered BI** 194 for Undergraduate and BGGN 280-285 for Graduate) designed to provide students with an opportunity to extend what they have learned in upper-division courses by analyzing existing knowledge and contemporary thinking in a particular biological sciences field.

Students may receive credit for up to four 194s, as long as the content varies. Students may enroll in up to four 194 courses in any given term. 194 courses must be taken for a letter grade (C- or better) if being applied to major requirements (see Applying 194 course credit to your major).

In order to add a second (third or fourth) 194 in the same subject area (e.g., BIBC) in a given term, the student will need to:

  1. Enroll in the first 194 through WebReg. The student must be enrolled, not on the wait list.
  2. Submit a Course Pre-Authorization request via the UC San Diego Enrollment Authorization System (EASy) for the additional 194 course(s). Please note that the additional 194 course(s) must have seats available.
  3. If approved (space available, prerequisites satisfied, etc.), the student will be enrolled by the Registrar's Office. The student will receive a confirmation email once enrollment actions are complete.

Applying 194 Course Credit To Your Major

  • Students who entered UC San Diego in Fall 2016 or prior, must complete two 194s (total of 4 units) in order to receive credit for one upper-division biology elective course. Once grades have been assigned, the student must submit a request to combine two 194s as an elective through the Virtual Advising Center.
  • Students who entered UC San Diego in Fall 2017 or later, can satisfy up to eight major elective units with 194 courses.

Course Descriptions

Questions? Contact Student & Instructional Services (Pacific Hall 1128) through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) or by phone at 858-534-0557