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Biological Sciences Course Updates

The Biological Sciences courses listed below are either new or have had significant changes within the last academic year.

Course information for all other courses can be found within the General Catalog.

BIEB Courses

BIEB 148 Disease Ecology

New course - effective Spring 2024

Infectious diseases have devastating consequences, but vary in attributes. Using an ecological approach, the course will explore why some diseases explode in numbers, when and why new diseases emerge, how infectious disease affects plants and animals, and how can this inform conservation efforts. Students will develop a conceptual framework and quantitative toolset for answering such questions, as well as strategies for managing the emergence and spread of disease on a changing planet.

BIEB 159 Microbiome Function Laboratory

New course - effective Spring 2024

This course examines current evidence of how host-associated microbiomes contribute towards host phenotypes. The course reviews approaches for studying host-microbiome interactions, including empirical experiments and omics, and the implications of microbiomes in ecology and evolutionary biology.

BIMM Courses

BIMM 128 Finding the Fountain of Youth - Introduction to the Modern Biology of Aging

New course - effective Fall 2023

This class will provide an overview of current understanding of the biology of aging and potential interventional strategies to promote longevity. Designed for biology majors who want to better understand the exciting research of aging in recent years, the course will cover basic but important questions about aging: what is known about how and why people age, how to study the biology of aging, why are older people more likely to experience some diseases, slowing or reversing the aging process.

BIPN Courses

BIPN 145 Neurobiology Laboratory

Prerequisite update - effective Winter 2024

Previous prerequisite(s)

  • BILD 4
  • BIPN 140
  • MATH 11

New prerequisite(s)

  • BILD 2
  • BILD 4
  • MATH 11