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Biological Sciences Course Updates

The Biological Sciences courses listed below are either new or have had significant changes within the last academic year.

Course information for all other courses can be found within the General Catalog.

BILD Courses

BILD 28 Immunology, Vaccines, and Immunotherapy - New course - effective Fall 2021

Course will provide an overview of the human immune system and it is exploited to improve human health. Designed for non-biology majors who want to better understand exciting medical interventions developed in recent years. Course will cover the new SARS-2 vaccine and revolutionary cancer treatments, based on the fundamental understanding of how the immune system fights infection. Discussions will include how the immune system is studied and will "bust" common myths about the immune system.

Note: Students will not receive credit if taken after BICD 140.

BILD 61 Biology, Race, and Society - New course - effective Fall 2022

This course examines historical and current ideas about the structure of human biological variation, traces their impact on society - particularly on the development of the concept of race, and explores the complicated relationship between genes, environments, and human traits.

BILD 84R Career Exploration in Biological Sciences - New course - effective Fall 2022

The goal of this course is to expose students to careers available with a biology degree. The course will focus on diverse career topics such as research, sustainability, medicine and healthcare, product management, business development, science communication, sales, entrepreneurship and legal professions. Students will engage with industry professionals in these areas through panel discussions and will read and discuss articles on these career pathways.

Note: This course is a Distance Education course.

BIMM Courses

BIMM 143R Bioinformatics Laboratory - New course - effective Winter 2023

Bioinformatics is the analysis of big data in the biosciences. This course provides a hands-on introduction to the computer-based analysis of biomolecular and genomic data. Major topic areas include advances in sequencing technologies, genome resequencing and variation analysis, transcriptomics, structural bioinformatics, and personal genomics.

Note: This course will utilize free, web-based bioinformatics tools and no programming skills are required. This course is a Distance Education course. Students may receive credit for one of the following: BIMM 143 or BIMM 143R.