Courses Taken Outside the Division of Biological Sciences

This information is intended to assist you in receiving biology course credit for courses taken outside of the Division of Biological Sciences, whether at UC San Diego or at another institution. Use the “Searching for Coursework” drawer below to determine whether a course of interest has previously been petitioned for applicability to Biology major requirements at UC San Diego.

If you plan to take coursework for your major outside of the Division of Biological Sciences, we recommend you consult with a Biology Advisor prior to course enrollment to determine if this will impact your ability to meet prerequisites, complete the upper-division unit requirement, satisfy the Biology Residency Requirement, or receive degree conferral in a timely manner.

If you will be taking coursework during a Study Abroad program, please refer to the Study Abroad as a Biology Major page for additional guidelines on how to apply coursework to your biology major.

Searching for Coursework

You may search for coursework by program type, country/institution, course code/number/title, unit value, UCSD equivalency/credit, and expiration term.

When searching for coursework from UC San Diego or another UC, the full university name must be provided (e.g. University of California, San Diego).

The “+” (plus) sign is used in instances where a student must take multiple courses to be granted the stated credit.

If you plan to take a course that is not listed below, please contact Biology through the Virtual Advising Center to see if the course has been previously reviewed. 

Coursework that has expired or has not been reviewed in the past would need to be petitioned for consideration of major credit.

How to Request Biology Credit

If the course is taken outside of UCSD, once the course is completed with a final grade, please send an official transcript to UCSD Admissions.  It can take up to three months for the course to transfer and post to your UCSD academic history.

If all the criteria above are met, send Biology a VAC message after the course is posted to your UCSD academic history with a final grade so we can apply the stated UCSD Equivalency/Credit to your biology major accordingly.

Minimum criteria (once posted to your UCSD academic history) to receive the specified UCSD Equivalency/Credit:

  1. UC transferable
  2. Upper Division (if trying to satisfy an upper division requirement)
  3. Taken no later than the expiration term (if an expiration exists)
  4. Letter grade of C- or better
  5. Must be able to meet biology residency at time of graduation
  6. Biology Majors admitted to UCSD FA16 and earlier only: Any course that is approved for a biology elective and is valued at less than 4 units will need to be combined with another approved course in order to grant credit for one biology elective.