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Academic Support

Teaching and Learning Commons

The Teaching and Learning Commons provide tools to maximize all students’ potential for academic and post-graduate success and prepare all students to become global and innovative problem solvers and social change agents.

UCSD OASIS Math and Science Tutorial Program (MSTP)

OASIS math and science workshops are group study-sessions led by a tutor that explains course concepts and encourages a collaborative learning environment. An application process is required to participate.

Math Tutoring

UCSD's Mathematics Department provides FREE drop-in tutoring services for calculus courses (Math 10A-B-C and 20A-B-C).

CHEM 6 Tutoring

UCSD's Chemistry Department provides FREE tutoring for CHEM 6 series courses. For students needing extra support, visit the CHEM Help Room.

Physics Tutoring Center

The Physics Tutorial Center is a FREE drop-in tutoring service provided by the UCSD Physics Department. This service is available to any student taking a physics course.