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Financial Support

Annual Stipend

The School of Biological Sciences supports all Ph.D. students with an annual stipend. The stipend is funded by federal and state grants, and private sources.

The stipend is provided in the form of research and teaching assistantships, fellowships, and NIH training grant appointments. International students receive the same level of support as domestic students.

The program pays the following stipends and fees, for a total financial support package of over $50,000:

Summary of Support
2022-2023 Student Support Summary
Stipend $36,000
Graduate Registration Fees paid at current campus rate


The Program will pay only 1 year of non-resident tuition for US citizens who are non-California residents. It is the responsibility of the non-resident student to become an official resident of the State of California by the end of their first year in order to be exempt from out-of-state tuition in subsequent years.

International Students: Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition will be waived for international students once they have passed their Qualifying Examination and Advanced to Candidacy (usually at the end of their third year). The Program will pay the non-resident tuition for international students for three years or until they advance to candidacy, (whichever occurs first).


Students are expected to apply for extramural predoctoral fellowships such as those offered by the National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, etc., in addition to those administered by the University.

If your efforts are successful and you receive funding outside of UCSD in the form of a fellowship (e.g., AHA, NIH, Merck, Ford Foundation, home country) that provides stipend and/or fee support, you may be eligible for a bonus of up to $3,500 above your standard Biology graduate stipend.

The bonus would be awarded during each year you receive the outside funding.

UC San Diego Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) Fellowship Information

Grant Writing Resources

UCSD's Office of Contract and Grants Administration (OCGA) offers tools to both faculty and graduate students to help in the grant writing process.

Professional Travel Opportunities

The School of Biological Sciences encourages students to travel to scientific meetings and considers such meetings an important educational experience. However, travel can be supported only when adequate funding is available.

In general, the Division's travel policy is as follows:

  • Second-year students receive $300, or $500 if they are presenting.
  • Third-year students and beyond are eligible for travel support of $500.
  • Any above amount that exceeds the maximum allowance is the student's and/or their advisor's responsibility. The annual allowance does not carry forward to the next academic year (July 1-June 30). In addition, the next year's allowance cannot be used to pay current year expenses. For details review the Fiscal Policies Section.

Biology Founding Faculty Award for Graduate Excellence in Research

Every year, a prize of $800-$1000 will be awarded to a Ph.D. student who is the first author of a paper or poster in the preceding academic year.

  • Students will nominate themselves, not their P.I.(s).
  • Students will send their submission by e-mail by May 1st.
  • The winner will be announced by June 1st.
  • A committee of Emeritus Biology faculty will judge the submission for the award. This committee will have members from all four of the sections of the Division.
  • A ceremony presenting the award will be held in January at a luncheon at the Faculty Club.
  • A framed photo of the winner will be on permanent display on a wall in Bonner Hall, just outside the seminar rooms.
  • Publicity of the award and the winner will entail press releases and photographs.

For more information, please contact Graduate Student and Instructional Services,