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Organic Chemistry Course Updates

Effective Fall 2017, the organic chemistry sequence was renumbered as follows:

  • CHEM 140A (Organic Chemistry I) = CHEM 40A (Organic Chemistry I)
  • CHEM 140B (Organic Chemistry II) = CHEM 40B (Organic Chemistry II)
  • CHEM 140C (Organic Chemistry III) = CHEM 40C (Organic Chemistry III)
  • CHEM 143A (Organic Chemistry Laboratory) = CHEM 43A (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)

The UC San Diego Academic Senate's Educational Policy Committee determined that students who were admitted to UC San Diego in Fall 2016 and earlier will be granted an exception to utilize CHEM 40A, 40B, 40C, 43A, or 43AM (or their Honors equivalencies) as upper division for all degree requirements, so long as the lower division version of the organic chemistry course(s) are completed at UC San Diego by Spring 2021

Please note that:

  • Students are not allowed to opt out of this exception. Petitions to use these courses as lower division will not be considered.
  • Degree audits should be updated to apply the lower division organic chemistry courses taken at UC San Diego by SP21 to upper division requirements, as applicable, by the beginning of Fall 2018.

For students admitted Fall 2016 and earlier, whose major does not require the entire organic chemistry sequence, you may contact our department advising office to inquire about possible applicability of this coursework toward the major.

If you have questions, please contact a Biology staff advisor.