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Sponsored Project Administration:
Post-Award Fund Management Team

The Post-Award Fund Management Team supports Faculty and laboratory personnel with the fund management of general projects and sponsored project activities after an award has been issued. These activities include:

  • Annual budgeting and projections
  • Personnel appointments
  • Approval of Concur reports prepared by your Faculty Assistant
  • Review and approval of Oracle requisitions
  • Periodic fund reports
  • Annual and final financial reporting
  • Award closeout
  • Issuing subawards
  • Faculty Salary Exchange Program (FSEP)
  • General Campus Compensation Plan (GCCP)
  • Summer salary


Main Financial Operations

Urey Hall Annex


Group Supervisor

Lindsay Root
Interim Post-Award Contracts & Grants Manager


Christine Ashikyan
Lead Post-Award Fund Manager
Kathleen Celestino
Lead Post-Award Fund Manager
Destiny Parks
Lead Post-Award Fund Manager
Keri Ramos
Post-Award Fund Manager
Rebecca Brown
Post-Award Fund Manager
Yasmine Peters-Knight
Post-Award Fund Manager
Saba Fadhil
Post-Award Fund Manager
Laura Davis
Post-Award Fund Manager
Christopher Yee
Post-Award Fund Manager

Campus Faculty Salary Exchange Program (FSEP)

The Campus Faculty Salary Exchange Program (FSEP) allows the individual faculty to elect to pay a portion of their salary (not to exceed 50% of academic salary) on their extramural funds, where allowable, for the purpose of providing flexible use of released academic salary funds (13391).

How to Get Started

  1. Contact you Post-Award Fund Manager for a review of your fund portfolio to determine fund availability and the allocability of funds for this purpose.
  2. In the next step, your request will be routed to your Section Chair, the Dean and the Executive Vice Chancellor for approval.

Things to Consider

  1. Released funds must be used for support of temporary research commitments. Stockpiling balances is not recommended.
  2. Participation in the program must be renewed each fiscal year, which will include the determination of availability and allocability, as well as approvals.

General Campus Compensation Plan Trial (GCCP)

The General Campus Compensation Plan (GCCP) allows eligible faculty with sufficient external funding and who are in good standing to negotiate an additional salary increment. The campus GCCP policy can be found in the General Campus Compensation Plan Trial Implementation Guidelines. The GCCP has been extended for one additional trial year from July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024, and remains under system-wide review for conversion to policy in future years.

Campus policy states the negotiated salary increment cannot exceed 30% of the faculty member’s covered compensation rate (scale rate plus off-scale). Faculty must take full summer salary before GCCP can be requested. Please note, the GCCP participation percentage is applied to the sum of the 9-month academic year salary plus summer salary. The combined covered compensation and negotiated salary increment must be justified based on salary comparisons. Each participating faculty member will contribute 10% of the negotiated salary increment to a contingency fund.

The negotiated component must be paid from external funding sources, e.g. contract and grant support, endowment or gift income, etc. Funding must have a stable source, paid in accordance with any related fund source restrictions, and must be sufficient to include the related benefit costs. It is expected that the use of grant funds for GCCP salary will not have a direct adverse impact on the faculty member’s research program.

GCCP participation is for one year and is effective July 1 through June 30. The total salary will not change during this period for any reason including salary scale adjustments, retroactive merit increases or receipt of additional external funds.

All requests will be vetted for availability of funds by the School of Biological Sciences Post-Award Fund Management Team and must be approved by the Chair, Assistant Dean, Dean and Executive Vice Chancellor.

To apply, email your assigned Post-Award Fund Manager and cc' Lindsay Root by March 17, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

Faculty participating in GCCP are required to meet minimum good standing criteria as follows:

  • A sustained high level of performance during the previous review period, including fulfillment of the faculty member’s approved teaching load, and fulfillment of service and teaching responsibilities in accordance with School and University norms.
  • Maintenance of the participant’s position as a leader in their chosen field of research.
  • All research contracts and grants are in good standing, (e.g. no accounts in deficit or outstanding agency reports, etc.).
  • Fulfillment of support and training obligations for graduate students, postdocs and other personnel. Support for students, postdocs, staff or any other positions cannot be reduced in order to participate in GCCP.
  • Compliance with reporting and training requirements.
  • Any grad debt or other debt to the School must have a current, approved payment plan and payments must be up to date and cannot be decreased during the GCCP period.

Important eligibility note for AY 2023-24: Faculty members approved for teaching relief during the 2023-24 academic year through the COVID Career Support Program (CCSP) are not eligible to apply for GCCP for 2023-24.

Important Web Pages to Read Before Requesting GCCP

Bridge Funding

The purpose of this Bridge program is to enable continuance of a research lab for an interim period until extramural support can be re-established. Priority will be given to Senate Faculty who have lost or are about to lose all of their extramural funding. Applications will go to the relevant Section Chair and then to the Success/Bridge Committee.

Please reach out to your Post-Award Fund Manager for more information on the application process.

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