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Contact Information

Below is a list of general contacts for major administrative units within the division. Details about specific inquiries may be found on the unit's webpage.

Student and Instructional Services

Unit Contact


General/Non-UCSD students: (858) 53 4-0557  Pacific Hall 1128

UCSD students: Virtual Advising Center (VAC)


Prospective & Current MS students: Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Instructional Labs

Lab Course Safety (for students and Instructional Assistants):

Administrative Services

Unit Contact

Academic Personnel &
Staff Human Resources

Laura Ta, Academic and Staff Human Resources Manager
(858) 53 4-6387

Computer Services

Computer and Networking Help
(858) 53 4-6355

Physical Access to Biology Buildings

Division Website Requests

Facilities and Shops

Trevor Thiessen, Maintenance Mechanic
(858) 53 4-2449

Fiscal Services

Maryam Attari, Chief Financial Officer
(858) 53 4-0542

Jennifer Louie, Sponsored Project Manager (contracts & grants)
(858) 53 4-0547

Safety Assistance

Ashley Miller, Safety Officer
(858) 333-9791

Business Office

Patty Camacho, Business Officer
(858) 82 2-4541

Dean's Office

Reception, (858) 82  2-4622


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